The vast voice of the Espur is ringing next to everyone’s ear.,Stimulating them at the same time,The eyes of the ace are in the door of the arena.。

That sound is a little cool,Alert,I feel a cool moment.。
A sharp flute sound,Flute sound,Stabbed to everyone’s nerves without any feelings,As if it is emitting a cold。
Let everyone go out。
“Water escape,Break”
The exciting voice immediately broke the impact of the strange flute。
A large number of water flows from the door cave。
A ninja wearing a black ninja with a ghost face mask,Connect a flying back on the water surface,As if it is avoiding water flow。
Just sprayed water flow,Ice from the door cave,And extend out。
That black ninja escaped frozen water,And falling on the ground。
despair,Da da。。。。Footsteps sound。
As if someone is running,That footsteps seem to have rhythm,faster and faster。
The song is also ringing again.。
“Sad taste,Never really understand,Taste the past bitterness,I have no exploration at this moment.。。。。”
White and white dress,Slowly get out of the water that just frozen,The song is from her mouth.。
Footsteps with songs,As if the beat of this song。
Water flow formation ice is like a small road,Extended a long distance。
Just at this moment, the springs of the white-sleeveless windbreaker rushed out from the white.,Bring the white hair floating in the air,And his goal is just black ninja。
“Can you let me abandon?,I have already wished enough cage,I will never look back now.。。”
White hand,Ice on both sides of the icing trail,Instantly crush。
She looked back and looked at it.,“No more people,Goodbye”。
White eyes flourifiable,Then slap in place。
“Just。。Breathing sound。。。”
Spring is deeply sucking,Everyone in the field can hear the sound of the springs,Then he kneel,Jump directly to the air。
“Jump with this heart。。A high。。”
“Clang”Wet water out of sheath,Extended sword sounds,Let everyone’s heart shock。
The black torn ninja will look up。
“Looking up at the vast sky,Escape。。。。”
White sound,The song seems to have not ended。
Black ninja also pulled out the tackle behind,Then jump up。
Two knives have been transferred together。

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