To say a farming,His talent is general,Belongs to the gun gun who is only negotiated on paper。

This situation can be,Just hit the strengths of his strengths。
“Brother,If I speculate good words,It should be a drug based on the drug,Planting arrangement。”
I’m deliberating.,Also,“It should be the attribute of the phase of the phase,Medicine,Promote each other、Stimulate、Integrate……simply say,The brother is in the form of an intangible big array.,So let the medication here have reached five thousand years.。”
Let’s follow the girl and look at it.。
She doesn’t know the mystery of this place.。
Gogjian does not understand,But the truth is connected,It is more looking at the summer with a strange look.。
Also say that you will not plant?
Jiangdong has a surprise,Laugh again。
This technology,It is him for painting,Time-consuming for hundreds of years。
It can be said that a theoretical technology in original ancient and modern future,Footage。
Unfortunately, in this five ride,He didn’t show off at all.。
Even people who don’t understand the gods,They don’t understand the greatness of them.。
Summer although I quickly saw the mystery,It can be,Only let Jiang Dong are very happy。
“Two brothers,Not,I have done similar moves before this.,But with the brother’s pharmacist can’t compare。”
Summer is also from the heart, admiration,Continue,“At the beginning, I used a medicinal field.,When it is used as a piece of instrument……”“Oh?”
Jiangdong’s eyes bright,Some can’t wait,“Say soon。”
Summer is not hidden,His pasta theory said it。
During this period,Jiangdong encountered,Interrupts who are welcome,Summer is one by one。
At the end,Both people start mutual discussion,Sit。
Jiangdong is not good at array,But don’t do not understand the array。
Two people,It is three days and three nights。
On the fourth day,Among the eyes of Gogjian and clearing,The two started to work。
Re-laying in the pharmacy,Some spirits planted in potted plants。
Three days after another,This medicine garden is built after a thousand years,Volume change again。
A more rich goddess is instantly raised,Different incense in the pharmacy,Also, it’s more than a few times.。
Jiangdong statuses is an old child,Happy man dance,Excited is difficult to cover up。
He didn’t think of it.,Award,Actually let him gain so much。
To know,Since the original technology,He has thousands of improvements。
But there is no success。
He thinks this is the limit.。
but now,The effect increases several times,How can I not shock?,How is not excited。
Inversely the summer,I don’t think there is anything.。
He is very clear,I originally refined a tool for a medicinal field.,Still too rough。
Fundamentally unable to create this technology created by Jiangdong。
Medicine,I have reached five thousand years……This is definitely an unprecedented creation。

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