Two http://www.wet88.cn kings,From the front of the team,Hurry,It seems to be exchanged。
But Chen Feihu and Zhang Xing and others can’t understand anything.,I don’t know what these two everyone say.。
All face!
“This is dry.?”
“Who knows?,Xuan Ge is not,Otherwise I can listen to it.。”
“It is estimated how to kill you.,Or one or two?”
People in the live broadcast have guess,But no one knows that this tiger and wild wolf think about it.!
“Drip dripping……”
At this time,The sound of a siren came from the mountain,It seems to be a rescue team.。
Qi Lei, excited,“We should die here.!”
Several people are also the same,The friend’s rejoicing is coming to the face。
“Don’t be happy too early,So many wolves and tigers,Are they really walk in??”
Chen Feihu immediately poured a pot of cold water,Say。
http://www.jvchuan.cn This……
Qi Lei and others have disappeared at once.,They are also very clear,This mountain,Road tortraition,Want to come in,Find them,Is very difficult!
and,So many wolves and tigers,I want to retreat,I am afraid it is not so easy.。
“I have to save this.!”
Village,Lin Shusong has a breath,Say:“Anyway, as long as Xuan Ge will win,Then they go down the mountain.,Really a life,That is not good。”
“Yes,I hope they can go to the mountain safely.!”
Shenxuan nodded,“Just this tiger and wild wolf don’t know what to do.,How is the two big guys like a fight??”
“Can you communicate with animals?,I don’t know what they are saying.?”
Xue Qing’s doubt,I can’t help but ask a sentence.。
“Yes,Xuan Ge,Can you communicate with animals?,Give us a translation。”
Wu Xiuxiu said quickly。
Translated a hammer!
Shen Xuan is a bit embarrassed,The ability of the animal exchange of animals,Just,And Wolf King and Tiger King this level of communication,He is a bit a bit can’t understand。
How is it translated??
But in front of a few friends,It’s a bit embarrassed to say。
“This is the screen.,How to translate?”

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