Ou Xiong is strange,Disqualify。

“Wild boar is also a national protected animal,You do not know?”
Shen Xuan did not say good luck:“Nowadays it is broadcast.,If you want to be taken away,I do not mind!”
Depend on……
“Wild boar is also a national protected animal?”
Cattle,Can’t believe in your ears。
“if not?”
Shen Xuan turned over the eyes,Helplessly said。
Just jumped,I have a break in http://www.zowdoors.cn an instant.,Relaxing your fist silently,Gone,I don’t dare to eat wild pork.。
“Hahaha,Niu Xiong is afraid.,Ah,Baked wild pork!”
“That is,Ah,Don’t panic,We all look!”
“Flush,Charcoal roasted wild pork is already strivinging you.!”
“upstairs,You are much loss.!”
People in the live broadcast are all laughing,They all rushed to kill wild boars.,after all,Look at the lively is not too big,They are all watching the lively food of the people.,How is it fun?。
“okay,Don’t say it.,National protected animal,Can’t kill,This is a crime!”
Shen Xuan looked at the http://www.maruiqi.cn barrage in the live broadcast,Helpless shook head,Say:“rhubarb,superior,Go away!”
“Wang Wang Wang……”
Shen Xuan just finished,The rhubarm has a few scorpions before the face.,The wild boar seems to be scared.,Run next to it。
This is gone?
Yang Shiqi and Chen Feihu and others are very amazing,Wild boats generally see people are charged,I like collision.,Can you in front of this wild pig,It’s so scared by a dog.?
This dog is definitely what is expensive!
“Xuan Ge,Is the big yellow really a idylon dog??”
“I feel that the yellow is not a general variety.,The more you look, the more you feel the god.,More than the tiger king。”
Rhubarm often appears,This will look,It is indeed a lot of people.。
Especially standing on the ground,Looking forward to that posture,A look http://www.hzxhr.cn of a paw。
NS155Zhang Tiger does not eat
“All right,Now the wild pig is gone,We continue to start!”
Shen Xuan recruited,Showcase,Chen Feihu and Yang Shiqi and others followed up。
The mountain is still the same as before,Silence,Quiet,Particular quiet。
“Be careful,Just now, we will come here.,Touch a pile of venom!”
Yang Shiqi quickly said a sentence,“This can I say anything to have any animals?!”

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