“Ha ha!”

The group suddenly satisfied。
The circumference is placed in the center of the living room,She jumped on the coffee table,Elongate neck,And try to extend the short leg to touch,The distance between the short twenty-centime is hard to become a talent.,Hook a few times without enough。
“what is this?”
“Water dispenser。”
“how to eat?”
“can not eat,Drinking water。”
“Yes?Let the group look。”The group jumped from the coffee table.,Run to the side of the box,Stick straight to the body。
“Is it in the room??Why can’t you come out??”
“What are you looking for??”
http://www.yygezi.cn “Let him remove the box。”
“Why don’t you ask for adults??The group will also!”The group looked at him.,“The group is super powerful!”
“Then you remove it.。”
Looking at her left。
The group is excited.,Then two front claws began to pull the paper box.,Sound of the brush brush。Although there is constant confetti in this process,But it seems that the efficiency is extremely low。
Zhou can’t help but think of something called a cat gripper。
Looking at the group of people pulling,Speed is getting faster,Gradually make the strength of the milk,He silently touched the key。
A minute later,Make up。
The group is not unhappy,Instead, it seems that most of the credit is her.。She avoids carton and plastic bubble,I started to pull it to climb the water dispenser.,It is full of curiosity in the eyes.。
Zhouzhi ignored http://www.zfdyj.cn her。
At this time, the stalks finally came out.,No accident is a daughter,Wearing a jeans and a cartoon shirt。
Sign in clear show,Be unrestrained。
“Zhouzhi you come back?”
“The water dispenser is also bought back.?”
“Is military training fun??”
“good。”Zhouzhi hugged the group,“The instructor unified to everyone an apple.,Two fish。”

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