And she also gave up。

The Flying Snow Chamber of Commerce is let her get together.,It was now picked up fruit,The heart is naturally not good。
“You are a customer,In fact, there is no need to put it.……”
Summer laughing,“I don’t have gas,In fact,I have no good things on me.。”
Toned,He is curious,“What is the rude??”
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NS3811chapter Yanli Master
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“Initial time,Wild isas is a business project of our Flying Snow Chamber of Commerce.,Just behind the chamber of commerce,There is a tens of thousands of valley,It is full of weapons that come from different planets.、Propriator、Secret treasure。”
Yun Yun patient explains,“And the planet of the same loop with our East Anxing has tens of thousands,Our Planetary Flying Snow Merchant will spend thousands of years,Run all of these planets,Cooperate with it,All planets will be accumulated by us。”
She paused,“Those residues have been accumulated in hundreds of thousands of years,Formed a tomb of various propagumes,Old people only need to pay1000God,I can visit the next day.,As long as the eye is good enough,Maybe I can find some not damaged,And have a certain value of the propriator secret treasure。”
Hear here,Summer eyes bright。
Yun Yun also,“After found,These people can choose to sell to us,You can also choose yourself.,certainly,Most people choose to sell to us,Some lucky repairs,I can even find a very high secret treasure.,However, there are many people returned every day.……”
then,Here is just a small shop that is responsible for identification and transactions.。
Just under the Yun Yun,The more you do it, the bigger the project,Finally evolved into a real chamber of commerce。
have to say,Yun Yun is very business talent。
Unfortunately, she has no background.,Nowadays have been taken fruit。
Summer eyes are getting more and more bright。
Isn’t this Taobao?。
and,This is also his strength.。
Important,He is attacking God。
Think here,He asked,“Can I go?,Where?How?”
Yun Yun smiled,“I can see it.,You should urgently use money,But you have to clearly,Most people are empty,Instead, accompany thousands of gods。”
Summer also laughed,“I want to try it.,Maybe lucky?。”
“Ugh,But people go,Are like you,Fortunately, the psychology is too big.。”
Yun Yun shakes his head,I did not continue to persuade,Smile,“Let it go,I take you in the past,Anyway, I am not worth it.。”
“Thank you。”
Summer arched hands,Positive color,“If I can take a good thing,Just use the date you value the value,Maybe you can more than that Han Ruolin can also be said。”
Yun Yun laughed,Express thankfulness,Not in my heart。
Want to get a good thing from the rurality,What is so easy?。
Moreover,She also differed from Han Ruolin more than 800,000 Shenyuan Coin.。
Next,Yun Yun has turned over the Chamber of Commerce in the summer,All the way down。

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