He walked over,Lock the office door from the inside,Then smiled and said:“I’ll talk about tomorrow,Today we have to be happy”

He just finished,And hugged Ni Xiaoli,Ni Xiaoli struggled to say:“Wang Youcai!You fucking do the finale,No loss is a businessman”
“Happy one minute is one minute”Wang Youcai said,He put Ni Xiaoli down on the desk。
For a time,Men’s heavy breathing and women’s ecstasy*The sound became a piece。As the saying goes,I have wine and I am drunk,Drink cold water tomorrow without alcohol。This is a true portrayal of Wang Youcai。
Come out from the office of Xishan Mining,Wang http://www.cwyp8888.cn Youcai got into the car,Ready to enter the mountain。There are many things in Tianshan,He doesn’t want to make any mistakes in his work,Otherwise he will really be over。
Just when she was driving the car and waiting for the traffic light,Suddenly a familiar figure appeared on the sidewalk ahead,He took a closer look,Isn’t this person Chen Xiaoju??
Haven’t seen her for many days,She seems to be more beautiful,Wang Youcai opened the car window and shouted:“Chen Xiaoju!Look here”Chen Xiaoju immediately stopped,Ran towards his car soon。
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Red light jumps out of seconds,The green light immediately turned on。
Chen Xiaoju, this overbearing woman,Despite the long buzzing of the car horn behind Wang Youcai,Very calmly pull the car door and jump up。
Wang Youcai hurry up and start the car,The throttle blasted underfoot。He couldn’t help shook his head and said:“My old sister,You dare to get in the car at the intersection,I really convinced you”
“cut!What is this?Just get in the car,Need such a fuss?”Chen Xiaoju said http://www.bomexsolar.cn dismissively,Suddenly took out a small mirror and took a picture,I even put on makeup in the car。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly,Stopped the car by the side of the road。Then smiled and asked:“Where are you going?long time no see,what are you busy with?”

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