It is a dream of them.?

Dream is soft and cold,Convergence all the innocence。
Door opened,She saw the father who has not seen many years.,Slightly blessing,Middle-aged man has not been young.。
There is also a dream of mom,Very thin,Wearing a red dress,I know that it is a very difficult person.。
Dream soft voice rang:“What is your door??”
Dream soft father was scared and shocked.,It is like a violent blow.,Looking at the daughter’s cold face,He immediately stopped this sadness。
“Soft and soft,Dad to see you,Listen to your sister, say you have been hospitalized.。”Meng Yu looked at the daughter,I haven’t seen many years.,She is really growing up.,And as beautiful as her mother。
then,He has not retained their mother and female.。
“hehe……”Dreamy,Tears seem to be in the heart,Becomes an acid、bitter、spicy,Heart five flavors,So sad。
“thanks for your concern,But you still go.,I have never touched me from the child.,Take me now,I am not rare.。”Dream soft attitude is very cold。
They are very simple to come here today.,That is, I heard the words of dreams.,Her president of her and Lele Group is very good。
Dream is a kind of character, she is very clear,In addition to do not face or not,City,love money,See the rich people,I can’t wait to stick my smile to my butt.。
“Ah,Soft and soft,You are not right like this.,These years are not we don’t want to manage you.,You don’t want us to manage you.,Your father has repeatedly wanted to see you.,Yes you refuse to meet。”Dream mother and smile looking at dreams,Face-siphotra,Eyepiece,How do you feel uncomfortable?。
See this woman,Dream is more angry。
She thinks of small,Mom is hiding in the room because of my father’s affairs and crying.。
In front of her,In front of relatives,Mom tries to cover up their pain,Until the last divorce,Dad takes home to his mother.,All people include she only knows what is going on。
Her father is derailed,She still has a sister outside.,Only a little one year old。
At that time she was still small,I don’t know what Dad is derailed.,She only knows her mother is very sad.。
Mom thinks that I have married love,Give up the good future home。
NS,It was completely disappointed for a few years.。
Marriage is a happy home,But how many tragedy is born in front of the marriage,It is understandable to understand。
But betray,Delineate,Really hate into bones,The result can only be sad and deep remorse。
Mom because of love,Definition,Give up everything,Thinking is the certificate of true love。
NS,The comfort in the short heart is just the beginning of betrayal pain.,The most unfortunate biggest unfortunate。
Dream gently moves to her,Listening to this, the heart is shaking:“I don’t want to see my father.,Or your daughter is wrong,I think she is very clear.。”
“Fierce,Yes, you are not willing to see Dad.,How to make this matter to my head??”Dreams are somewhat nervous,She didn’t want Dad to see this woman.?
This time is it because I can get the benefits?,She is not willing to bring her father.?
Dad earned money is her.,What qualifications are she??
She has observed,Le always left,She is not afraid of dream soft.?
“Yes ,Let you say a mouth,They don’t believe it doesn’t matter.,Anyway, I don’t want to see you.,Go out immediately,I don’t want to see you again in my life.。 ”
Dream is excited,She hopes for a long time.,But I didn’t expect to see my father in this case.。
“what……Fierce,You are a big paragraph.,So, don’t want us, is it??”Dream is not,She will not let the dream is frightened than her.。
Dream is just a laughter.,“I am very poor before.,It’s also very poor now.,Ignore you,Walk away,How far is much?,I don’t want to see you again.。 ”
“Humph!You don’t want to see me,I have to appear in front of you.。”Dream is going toward her bed。
“Wow!This is the best pastry for the best cakehouse.,The pastry is valuable,You can eat casually。”Dream is very embarrassed ,Pick up a thousand layers of crisp with a thousand layers,Happiness is crying.。
“Mother,Delicious,You try。”Dream handed a mother to yourself。
Dream soft, sleep, sleep, skinny shameless。
Grab someone else grabbed this brightly。

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