Lu Chang lives, let Li Mei are angry.。

“Then you say what we do.?
Don’t you let the medicine restaurant go??
I heard that Han’s side began to be full.,Even Han Jia’s maincent of his clothing stores gave out several places to let the diet shop opened,Continue like this,The speed of the dilatation of the drug is better than us.,How long will it take for a long time, we may be squeezed by the other party.。”
“I know,But now our situation is not allowed to use other means.,But you can join Jiangfuze,After all, his son seems to die on Li Hui.,If you can make his son’s forces,I think it is to monitor those things may not work.。”
Li Mei listened to this and also a glimpse。
“Is the old thing union??
I had a little more money before I burn.,And the power after the river does not have the enemy, isn’t it not going??
If you come out,The ability behind other families can sit?”
“as far as I know,In addition to Jiangjia, there are still some medical practitioners who can come out.,Others don’t seem,This seems to be a constraint。”
Lu Changsheng heard this,Laugh:“We didn’t say let them be born.,We just want to join Jiang Fuze.,As for Jiang Fuze, I don’t want to find them.。”
However, Jiangfu Zeen’s old fox has already taken a loss.,Will it come to cooperate??”
“hehe,That’s because we gave the temptation,If we give him enough temptation,He should have no reason to reject our cooperation。”
Li Mei wrinkled with a brow and looked at the Changsheng.,Ask:“What benefits do you want to give him??”
“Nothing benefits,Nothing is burning together,Profit, discuss,But up to it 30%,Seven three open,However, this seven-three is temporary.,He can also choose a permanent nine.,At the same time, we also promise that if he wants to compete with Jiangfu Ming,We will help him。”
“remember,We just promised to help him,But it is not unconditional to help him.,We will say this later.,After all, Jiang Jianao, my father, I feel can’t live.。”
Li Mei listened to the words of Lu Changsheng,Also point the head:“Row,Then let’s take a long time with them.,Waiting for the heat on the Internet,We use your own means to let them know who is in the world.。”
In the next time,Li Mei also contacted Jiangfuze directly。
When Jiang Fuze heard Li Mei, he gave him together to deal with Li’s wind.,He is also a glimpse,But soon, I will understand what is going on.。
After all, the pressure given online seems not small.,And according to his understanding,Recently, the passenger flow of drunken Pavilion is constantly falling.。
In the past, many people were Li Jia, who was in Li Shi.,So go back to take care of business,But over time,Many people also understand。
Come and take care of it.,That Li Jia can really be a big head.。
So now there is basically no way to let Li Jia take the idea of business.,But I am completely honest.。
“Lee Boss,I also want to join you now.,But my work is not allowed.,After all, I also want to drive the other party out of the devil.。”
“Gillting your work is not allowed?
You don’t want to hear how cooperative law?”
Chapter 836, Zhaojia Village
Jiang Fuze heard the tempting sound of Li Mei.,There is also a little bit of horses in my heart.。
But thinking about the other’s identity,The bad idea is also suppressed。
Li Boss talking about how cooperation?”
When Li Mesi said that the set of Lu Chang lived directly。
“91 open or temporary seven-three open,And then when you compete with your brother, we will help you.,That’s these conditions,how do you feel?”
For Li Mei’s nine, it is not a lot of temptation to Jiangfu Ze’s temptation.,Only tempting is a very big, it is the last time to help him when you compete.。

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