Mr. Li’s cough,“you know too,I like a friend when I am young.,Many ancient people are willing to give me a little more,I have a very optimistic number of people.,It is believed that he will become a large unit in the future.,But I didn’t expect it.,Occasionally heard that he was even fallen.。”

Toned,Also,“He heard after hearing,I feel very regret,I remember very clearly,His experience is also very bumpy,I also advised him,When he died, he told me this sentence.,Life is just a sorrowful,Slowly appreciate。”
“that’s all?”
Summary is not believed in summer。
“What can I still??”
Mr. Li,“You can think about it,He has passed the meaning of this sentence,Is telling me,He is not dead,And it seems to be with the old door,Boy,There are too much things worth it.。”
Summer,Under the details,There is also a bit of reason。
But he always feel that the father has concealed。
I want to ask,Master is first opening,“In front of you,Similar to the situation of the year,This sentence is not limited to me,He is still alive,It’s also hints me,Just like the same year,Don’t be used up,Try to choose neutral,Even afraid of the outside world,We laugh at the clouds.。”
NS2987chapter I also have a child
NS2987chapter I also have a child
In the summer, I still have no more information from Li La.。
The old man’s mouth is very tight。
Summer is not good, continue to inquire。
He very much agree with Li’s position。
Since it saves the Tianlong Gate,Then he will take it in time,No longer。
Let him feel a bit of unexpected,It is the next three days,Gordo did not have any movement。
No continued to send hands to Gu Wenmen。
But what is thought,I can relieve it.。
to be honest,Gani is afraid。
Not afraid of summer,But an ancient sea。
after all,That black woman is now being fightering in the Western world,Not in China。
Not just he can see this,Many people understand。
In these three days,The ear is connected to the summer.。
In the words of words,I want to stand the big flag of the summer.,Used to counter Henggan。
And try to ask for summer,Attitude about Jihuoti and ancient sea。
Summer half vacation in the summer,Said that Ji Bao bottle is clearly refused.,Will not participate in this matter。
As for the ancient sea,Today’s contact,Always closed。
Summer is also restored to the recessive state。
Another weekend,Go to Qinghai in advance in summer,Will quaint,The next day with two girls went outside and played a whole day.。
Sunday morning,Also deliberately with two girls went to Yejia。
Their arrival,Joy who makes leaves。
Fangxiang and a small flower a big two girls,Small ice on a baby bed climbing,I also like it.。
Especially small ice and snow shouting summer‘Aforehen’when,Every time you shout,The whole room briefly laughed。

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