these years,The business of Tianlong Dan Medical Pavilion is more and more。

But in the name of Tianshui City, the reputation is becoming more and more。
The reason,It is the summer moratoron in the summer.。
Do your best to integrate Chinese medicine resources,In addition to the sales of China,High-quality and rare pills are all available to the mountains。
East is in the mountains, it is not lacking,these years,Malone said to earn a full pot。
He even became a frequent visit to the village.,The identity is also distinguished in the outside and the mystery。
certainly,His arrived in addition to sending medicine,Will I went to see the summer。
Report on him to collect information information to Tianshui City。
Summer,Today’s Malone is grateful and awesome。
Not exaggerated,He can have today,It’s all at the beginning of the summer.。
Now today,There are not only a lot of gods in your hands.,The same amount of boat is high,Even after the east, there is no need for a drug,He also accumulated strong capital。
Can re-robbing the market。
“President,There is also a message,It is said that the Shengwang will personally pay attention to the top three of this certifier.,And pass the second metastal god and other secrets。”
Summer tall moving,Feel some unbelievable,“Message can be accurate?”
“It should be credible,Although I have not officially announced,But the city has been transmitted.,I heard that it is from Tianshui Pavilion.。”
Summer brows,Heart-shaped。
Maybe the outside people hear this news,Think about how to win the top three,Get the Secrets of the Second Yuan God, etc.。
Summer station is higher,Look further,Make more。
Luo Water Road is first necessary to need a lot of best panacea,Nowadays, I will teach Quality Secrets.……These messages have no explanation,Luo Shui Dao seems to have a big move.。
Second yuan mystery……That is the height of comparable space law。
If you are not your heart,Old people are essentially difficult to understand。
Think about how the Tiantian Holy King gets the second dollar?
He said it is to trader with the Qingyi Holy King。
But according to summer speculation,So-called transaction,It is very likely that it is after the sacred king of Holy King.,It is necessary to guard for tens of thousands of years in the lower boundary。
Temporarily press this idea,He asked,“How many people registered this time?。”
Ma Long laughs,“The specific number is not known,But absolutely beyond ten years ago,President,More than 80 photos,Three Tongxuan,Two kinds of education……”
He paused,“But afterwards,Tianshui Pavilion will block the information blockade,It’s hard to detect。”
Summer is slow to nodded,“Still pay more attention。”
“good,I will try my best.。”

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