It is now rapidly violently violently violently violent than before it is.,Cheng Li Xue has been struggling after the heart,In the end, I will choose to take a look.。

Qi Yana experienced the illusion begins no rest,The huge movement of the outside world has affected the inside,Asia-Leader began to attack the node of the fantasy。
Too virtue is destroyed,Taiyu City is also beginning to collapse。
The power of the law is more than a big,After retreating Han Rong, after dozens of steps,The law of identifying no choice to attack again。
“Noise!”The law of identifying the brain。
I am aware of the subject.,Have a conflict with the current consciousness。
The awareness of the law is to destroy human roots,There is already a sign of defeat now.,Leave the law of persuasion,Find the opportunity to fight。
But the consciousness after being affected by Fuhua is only dissatisfied,Only now destroy Hanjiang,Bat the feathers on him,She is likely to be a real Fuhua。
The bond scattered in the ruins is the beginning of the traction of the force of the law.,The defensive barrier of the Taiwi City has been broken,The dark red energy begins to rotate。
“why,Why help a waste?,Not helping me!?”
The law of knowing the question of Hanjiang,“Dr. Mei,Kevin,Sui,Survivor of Ark Plan,There is also the previous Fuhua,Obviously is a loser!”
“Why do you want to help her?!”
Countless God’s key begins to bring together,The law of recognition begins to slowly,The energy is all gathered together.。
Gravel at the foot of Hanjiang,Rolling,Floating at a little bit。
Then I encountered the huge phoenix of the key to God.,Change the powder by the energy storm。
This is the strongest move of inch heart!,Ambel。
Under the energy bonding of the law,The same phoenix in the flame turns a dark flame。
The phoenix cohesion composed of numerous supports,If you know, a punch is over the ground.。
At this time, Han Jiang will try twice.,The heart began to calm up.。
“Skums and water,Heart lake icing is dust-free,Heart is thoroughly,The heart is invisible。”
Han Jiang’s Mo Too Too Swords,Hand long gun is too diffused sword。
There is also a realm on the four things in the sky.,Is for the gods。
“God,Changing extreme,Second, all things,Can’t you。”
Han Jiang’s perception and heaven and earth,This feeling has been once in the world.,But this time is more clear,
The world stone began to be embarrassed,Help Hanjiang perceive all the surroundings。
The energy of the law,Sticked stone by energy,The mountain stone angle gap is only attached to the weeds on the stone。
Han Rong stretched a palm,Long gun,Then take a deep breath。
Only suitable move,No best moving。
The rich energy of the long gun in Han Jiang。
The power created by the law,The force of the empty law to break the space,The law of the thunder decomposes the power of everything,The power of the rhythm of the wind。
The final world of stone,The source energy brought by the fusion agent。
Long gun or long gun,Look at the flat,But there is a different feeling。
Han Jiang is holding a long gun,But it seems to be the world of the world.。
Black fire phoenix begins close,Blow the hair of Hanjiang clothes。
Han Jiang was shocked,A gun,Fire phoenion composed with a large number of gods。
Cheng Li Xue, who is far away, first saw the mountain began to decompose,Then it is a huge and a harsh collision.,Finally, it is a storm that caused by energy violence.,Let her inch difficult。
Huge firefeat is consumed by a little bit,Han Jiang and the law of knowledge are also close to it.。
When the key to forming fire phoenix begins to scatter,Han Jiang also thrown his own weapon,Wanfa is finished in punches,A punch has smashed the law of the knowledge。
“impossible!This is impossible!”
Chapter 575 I believe in him

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