“Yes,I think so。”Corona。

Chapter 34 · Some violent only when I have become a husband, I can experience it.
Night from the horizon,The sky is like a black velvet,City skyline in the night sky。
Today is exactly weekend,This amusement park has a laughter of the family around the family.,The figure of the children run everywhere。
Take advantage of Qingdao deer to the toilet,Corporation and one side sit within both sides of a bench,Distance from the middle of the midst of a mystery。
Long silence and consideration,Have anxiety:“What is your relationship with my daughter now??”
Her opening has a kind“Cough”a feeling of,It is also a deer old tradition.。
She then said:“what‘I and she is just ordinary friends.’This kind of ghost is free.,I am an adult,The child’s shy hidden,But I can’t defraud it to the grandfather of this 100.。”
“Before you said, you are a teenage girl with a twenty-six year old.”
“roll roll roll!Forget,There is also an old lady!Labor is only twenty-six years old,I haven’t put the beautiful girl.!”
After the science, I will answer after thinking.:“She lives next door。”
“puff——”I suddenly sudden myocardium,Psychological expectation is suddenly broken。
“This、Is this too fast??Isn’t this cohabitation?,You should just have a little more than a year.!”I’m suddenly roaring.。
“Oh,That is in your predecessors.,What is the http://www.tywzt.cn relationship between me and her??”
“That one,I think I will take my hand.,What is the like?,After all, the deer may be like you.,Not the kind of that will be too powerful for the opposite sex,Feel slow feeling,May progression will be slow”
“This word,I really didn’t take over。”
One of them is more shocking:“Hey!Are you playing now?,Hands have not been,It’s directly living together.?It’s so good to go down the process.!”
Fierce spit,Huge exhaustion is full of hovering。
Before launching this invitation,He has always been pondering that this is good to say something well.,Prepared a lot“Men vow”Terrain,The result is true that the whole is the mouth of the mouth when it is in contact.。
After a quiet,I am sighing to open the mouth:“You?,Is it really like a deer??”
Thinking after thinking,She still chose http://www.xingfudaren.cn the most direct opening。
The night wind is at this moment.,Have a moment,The hustle and bustle of the surroundings suddenly become empty white,The scenery has become a background。
I finally arrived at this moment.,Have to chooseyesornoMoment。
Kohuma meditation,Looking up at the sky,Thought in the past time。
After coming to this world,First contact Go start,Her figure has been around you,It’s all the beginning of everything.,Or, she is the beginning of all。
Every event from behind,Each keypad,She seems to appear on the right time.。
Dragon,She is the last battle before the Baozhi went to the battlefield.,In the case of Corporation,She is in the middle of the middle,Put the chessman to him,And have been using it so far。
Taohuhai,A gripper machine has become an opportunity to meet her.,Get important intelligence from her。
Kingsora,It’s better to say it.,She took the woman’s cup champion from the side wing,The most critical Treasure map is also from her body.。
Go back,Dragon battle,She also appeared in the most critical position,When the scorpion is rushing, the dragon palace is killed and the Yinchuan Longhe blood war is killed.,She is busy at the scene to take assistance.,Pass another light to the battlefield。
And now,Inexplicable,She lives next door.。
It seems that there is something that has a fate will bind two people.,Putting with each other in their respective fate。
if,If you wake up on your morning?,I didn’t respond to the door of the other family.,So how little thing should be somewhat。
if,If you do one day, you will have a bordering.,If you don’t have her active atmosphere at the banquet,That banquet,Maybe not eat?。
Have a long time,The science of the science is deeply sinking.:“Be right,Just like but don’t ask me when I am,Or because of which is her, I like her.,I really don’t know this.。”

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