It was first by Anna Atas,Tickets,Global music has already given up the idea of making him concert,Please don’t move,Slowly die。

Self-recognition, there is no talent in terms of music,Chen Linzhi also has a very self-knowledge,Not planning to go down。
The sky is gradually black。
More and more guests arrived,Anna Atas is open to temporary construction,Exhibition area with light,Let a bunch of journalists first take pictures,Her university 闺 蜜 Jenny,Responsible for introducing the design concept of each product。
I am afraid of reporters can’t remember,Still special printing brochure,Convenient for them to refer to the article。
Leather bag and other products,Triple relying on design,High-end atmosphere created by seven points,These new models are in the company,It’s just more than,This will put it in a custom showcase.,The grade seems to be high.。
Chen Linzhi listening,Discovering reporters,Most positive evaluation,This is a relatively good start。
Waiting for him from specializing in the pavilion,Directly remove the security personnel guarded at the doorway,Since the layout is so beautiful,No need to block the guests,Have a good opportunity to miss a promotion。
Many guests,Some is the acquaintance of Chen Linzhi called,Most work in Wall Street,Quite in New York。
Walking in the east,West side,In the blink of an eye, I arrived at Anna Tasia.,Time to speaking on CEO CEO。
Do not know why,Chen Linzhi sits under the stage,See this scene,There is always a kind“Girl grew up”Feeling,Anna Atas is busy for a long time,Finally, the moment of harvesting results。
Not a simple introduction brand,Introduce some design elements,Just a few minutes, the music sounds,White model wearing a black long dress,Carrying the wandering wandering,Outstanding product details in one fell swoop。
And Chen Linzhi Impression,Model surface has no expression to twist different,The conference in this era is more like a show.,Not so dead。
He is quite understanding of the product,Cost of the price of two or thirty dollars and hardware,Look at the godside,Thinking about the next step, it should be tried to get involved in clothing.、perfume、Cosmetics and other markets,Continue to pay money,Shorten development cycle。
A group of women behind the small group,Saying the model is really good、The shape of the package is very novel,On brand influence,Co-catching,More than two hundred people tonight,Know that it is even in one-fifth,I used to be only a small price and durable brand.,Two words with luxury。
Is it possible to ugly duck a swan?,I can’t see a seedlings in the short term.,It takes time to shape the image slowly。
Anna Atas came to Chen Linzhi to sit down,Grab his hand,Her palm is a bit humid,The expression is obvious。
Pat in her hand silence,Chen Linzhi smiled and continued to watch the show,Wallet、Wrap、belt、Windbreaker、Short sleeve,Tonight, there are more than forty new products tonight.,Several main women’s bags will be limited。
Neon billboards that are different from full street,He recently visited the store,Also specifically spend big price customizationledbillboard,Print the product on transparent plastic,Light is yellow,Understand Chen Linzhi,It turns out that this light source technology can not produce white light.,Application range is quite small,No wonder the billboards in the street are ugly,Most of it is still a small light bulb。
Whispering,Chen Linzhi told Anna Tasia,I want to raise the number of stores to 25 this year.,Twice next year,Expand overseas。
Temporarily stare at Anna Tasia in front of you,No, no ambitious, appetite,Self-depth saying that it is still not necessarily that it can be supported at the end of the year.,Confidence for the company’s prospects,Mainly in addition to these still do not have any new products,I can’t see any hope。
I am very confident in Chen Linzhi.,Don’t make more money, continue to smash,$ 10 million is not enough,50 million is not enough, it is 100 million。
There is not much technical content this line.,As long as you don’t die,Select the development direction,I can always flicker to pay for the girl.……
NS282chapter Asia
Before the show,Anna Atas is suffering from,Wait until the model shows most new products,Her emotions quickly returned to normal。
Smart men know,Don’t provoke women in a special period of each month,Whether there are multi-warmers in the next day?,The strong hormone secretion will make them fight。
Chen Linzhi responded to each other with a Buddha’s gesture,Even in advance,Concise staff will be given to the reporters to get ready,Strive to leave any opportunity to pick it wrong,So a few days who have a bad review,Pingbiao no reason,I feel that I am scornful.。
Standing at the perspective of shareholders to see the entire conference,Chen Linzhi can only say the mid-range medium,No one model is abnormal,Light and sound effects are also very good,But he always feels missing?,Probably the exquisite and sexy。
Find a group of beautiful women,Wear sexy underwear,Waist long legs,Will always blind eyeball。
Think of this,Chen Linzhi does not intend to engage in this area,But he feels that you can trick up Anna Tasia.,Create a supermodel team belonging to your company,While opening new business,By the way, helping to promote the product of Co-Chi,The effect may be better than the $ 10 million。
Including a new idea to create a brand new idea,Achieving the next Internet,This makes him more confident to the development prospects of our own investment of more than 20 million dollars.。

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