Even Sect Master Thousand Saints did not continue to follow。

Mainly some powerful Taoists、Top Taoist Sect,Buy this king-level puppet at all costs。
For the sect without eternal emperor,A king-level puppet plus array restrictions in the sect,The strength exerted is enough to create an almost eternal sect!
Unless there is no Taoist born in one era,There are fewer and fewer strong people in the sect,Unable to maintain the supply of puppet http://www.lvf-sale.cn energy,Otherwise this sect can be maintained。
The ancestor of a thousand saints is himself a monarch,And there are such king-level puppets in Thousand Saint Sect,Naturally, I won’t buy more king-level puppets at all costs。
“260 million cubic meters of Chaos Essence,260 million cubic meters of Chaos Essence,Does anyone offer a higher price??”The monarch on the stone platform also gasped slightly。
Even him,An era(Chaos Era)I can’t host this level of appraisal meeting many times。
finally,This king-level puppet has fallen‘Xingyun Palace Master’In the hands of,She is the ninth peak Daoist in Endless Territory,A lofty status can easily keep this king-level puppet,Other practitioners don’t want to snatch。
Appreciation meeting is over,But the thing about eternal blood is not over yet。
Daojun Xueyun bought the eternal blood,But quickly left the territory http://www.cl10086.cn of Chisang City,Connect with a mysterious world god。
“The eternal blood you want。”In front of this world,Daojun Xueyun did not bow to his knees,But also almost equal relative。
A Daoist on the edge of the same Dao communicates almost equally with one world,This already represents some kind of recognition。
Not admit its potential,Is to acknowledge its background。
“Thank you Brother Xueyun!”This world is very frivolous,“1.96 million cubic meters of Chaos Essence,There is a 10% benefit fee,I will raise it for you in a thousand http://www.thmos.cn years。”
Daojun Xueyun didn’t say much,At this point, I made my life oath,As long as this world doesn’t want to die,Will naturally send this Chaos Spirit Liquid over。
“Underwind Chaos Fairy,Don’t forget except this transaction,I have nothing to do with you,Not even knowing anything behind!”
“rest assured,I do not know either。”The son of one of the pinnacles,The sub-wind chaos fairy answered like this。

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