For a long time,All the Wanfu stands on the court.。

However, in the summer, I left the ancient and Zhang Changshou.。
In the two people are suspected,Summer straightforward,“Brother、Brother。
Not,I am ready for a long time.,I have to take a gourd valley.,But I am so thin if I have a person.,So I hope to use two power……”Um?
Fall into the voice,The ancient and Zhang Changshou suddenly stunned.。
They originally thought that they left two people in summer.,Maybe it’s going to draw。
I didn’t expect to say these.。
Especially Zhang Changshou,Antiquarian。
He is in all thousands of husbands,Always show。
Not with rain mud,That is,It belongs to that kind of type。
Even those thousands of husbands,Even a few people,Both can’t see him。
So after the summer leaves him,Zhang Changshou is still thinking about judging。
Say this now,Let him shocked immediately。
This age is not big,Do you see your own clues??
Think here,He laughed,“Wanfu,I have just joked the words.,You won’t really be real.……”Previous chat,Zhang Changshou plays his own eloquence,Faithful to the summer。
also,Also said some words with an exaggerated tone。
About it means,Due to the presence of original fire,Everything in the Hulu Valley is in spirituality,Bao everywhere。
He also jokes to have a Hulu Valley with the summer.,Dafa,Even from the inside,I can sell it on the high price cloud cloud.……And now the summer actually wants to really hugger Valley?
this moment,Zhang Changshou’s heart,I can’t wait to smoke my two ears。
I want you to have a lot of mouth!The ancient bodies next to it also smashed a long life.。
Even if he is known,I didn’t dare to get it after I heard it.。
What is joking?,Facing the sword magic of the gods,Still more important。
“Wanfu,What is your longer?。”
Zhang Changshou stared at the summer。
“I want to steal the original fire of the sword.,Thoroughly destroy this tribe。”
Quiet!The ancient and Zhang Changshou is full。
Look at each other,in silence。
Summer laughs,“I know that the two will definitely think that I am in the world.,Moreover,Recommended,Nature should be cautious。”
Toned,Time to think about two people,Also,“But in my eyes,The sword is not terrible.,I even have a way to let you spike the sword magic of the gods.。”
Two people Hawoo。
First shock first,Then the colored colors。
Think that the summer is talking about。
“Wanfu,IMHO,The sword magic of the god hood is strong than the husband in the city.,We are just a thousand,How can I spike?。”
The ancient gap is not a color,Shake your head,“I am hard to believe。”
Zhang Changshou also converges a smile,Positive color,“We believe that Wan Fu can still sneak into the hinterland of the gourd valley quietly.,But you have to kill the sword magic of the gods.……”Summer standing,No longer explain,Laugh,“Waiting for the next sword,I will let two people see。”
“Then we will wait and see。”

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