Which Director Zheng saw the police coming to him,His face changed immediately,He shivered,Asked with a trembling voice:“What’s up with me?”

“Come with us first,I’ll know when I go”
Before Director Zheng leaves,Cast a look at Director Liu of the Management Committee for help。But Director Liu has been sitting with his head down,He didn’t say a word。
Secretary Wang whispered something to Director Liu,Director Liu wiped the sweat from his forehead,Panting and saying:“Let everyone go!Please stay with Xia,Invite him to my office”
Director Liu’s voice has not fallen yet,Suddenly the door of the conference room was pushed open again,Two middle-aged men in their forties walked in,They walked straight to http://www.qmysl.cn Director Liu,One of them lighted up his ID and said:“Director Liu!We are from the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection,Please cooperate with our work,Some things need to know from you”
Director Liu stood up abruptly,He almost fell down and sat back,Secretary Wang next to him helped him。He just stood firm and whispered:“Call Vice Mayor Wang,Tell me about my situation”
“no need,This is the decision of the municipal party committee,Deputy Mayor Wang, he knows this”
Which man from the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection said,Which director Liu of the management committee gently pulled。Director Liu just staggered and was taken away by two people。
Everything happened so suddenly,Xia Jian really couldn’t react。He feels like he is watching a movie。Two leaders related to this matter,Was taken away before and after,What’s going on?
When coming out of the meeting room of the management committee,Which group of reporters jumped up again,Fortunately, Heiwa and the security captain formed a two-line human wall to escort Xia Jian。
Until in the car,The car drove so far。Xi Zhen, who was driving, suddenly said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!There is a car following us all the time,Which newspaper reporter should it be?”
“It’s ok,Let them follow!Tell guard,In addition to our group’s vehicles today,No other vehicles are allowed to enter the venture building”
Once back to the office,Jin Yimei and Wang Lin walked in。Jin Xiaomei closed Xia Jian’s office gently and said:“President Xia!There may be an earthquake in Bucheon”
“Should have shaken。These two years,This group is too much。The shantytown reconstruction should have already taken action,But they kept dragging on。It’s moving now,But some people want to make a fortune”
When Wang Lin said this,Shook his head angrily。
Xia Jian walked back and forth in the office two steps with his hands behind his back and said:“This group should have been cleaned up long ago。But do it on this joint,Will give others a misunderstanding”
“Can’t control so much,For the people of Bucheon,We were misunderstood”
Jin Yimei’s voice just fell,Secretary Lin Wei knocked on the door and walked in。She walked to Xia Jian’s http://www.asevia.cn side,Just said in a low voice:“President Xia!There is a provincial newspaper reporter named Bai Xiaoru at the door who wants to see you”

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