Feng Kun received a phone call,Come to the airport。

He is eager to watch the phone。
Just then his phone rang,He hurriedly picked up the phone,Turn on the phone,The voice came from Huang Mao over there.:“Xiao Kun,We will go down.,Are you at the airport??”
“I am at the airport。”Feng Kun smiled。
“In the airport。”Huang Mao’s voice:“Don’t http://www.sun-keninc.cn prepare you,Big brother came too.,There are also ladies。”
“Big brother came too.,it is good,it is good。”Feng Kun wrote a laugh,He has no money,Even the hotel has no money to book。
He also thought it was Huang Mao and two Tigers.,They can sleep together,Maple came to the same,But follow a lady,He is a bit awkward。
“That’s good,I hang it first.。”Huang Mao did not hang up the phone。
Feng Kun held there in the mobile phone,He dialed a phone directly.,The phone came from a cold woman’s voice there.:“whats the matter?”
“I have no money now.,I think!”Feng Kun hesitated。
“You gamble,Your home is looked.。”The phone came from the woman’s indifferent sound。
“It’s not what you think,You listen to me finally explained it.,the last time,I beg you to be a grand,Listen to me to explain the last time。”Feng Kun took a polite http://www.shiliuzhuang.cn road:“I have two brothers come from China.,My big brother came too.,There are also ladies,I am not binding to the hotel’s money.,I am not borrowing money.,I mean, can you come??Help me,Always borrow you。”
Feng Kun didn’t have a way.,Can only reach out forward girlfriend。
The former girlfriend name is Ming Yuan,Naruto is Madesia,Also Chinese,At the beginning, it was the grievance of the capture of Feng Kunjia and local forces.,Feng Kun also met Ming Yuan,Two people love at first sight,Determine love relationship,Unfortunately, Nade is very opposed.。
Later, Feng Jia did business failed.,Mingyuan also helps Fengjia,Unfortunately, Feng Kun, but I don’t know where to fight.,Ming Yuan is very disappointed,Coupled with the family’s opposition,Mingyuan will break up。
“real?”Mingmen heard the words and finally。
“it is true,My big brother,There are also brothers come.,There is also a lady following him.。”Feng Kun explained:“Greery,This is the last borrowing money,I beg you,I will return to you.。”
“Who let you still,Where are you?”Ming Kong asked。
“I am at Jinshan International Airport。”Feng Kun smiled:“thank you。”
“Humph!”Mingyuan snorted:“I will go to Xinshan International Airport.,I immediately order Xinshan International Hotel’s room,is that OK?”
“no problem,thank you。”Feng Kun heard excited:“Greery,I must quit gambling。”
“You don’t quit gambling and I don’t matter.。”Mingmen heard the words directly。
Feng Kun held a mobile phone and smirked,He looked at the clothes that he was upright.,And then combing your hair and tie,The whole person has changed very well。
He looked at the gate of the international airport。
Airport door flows,Ten minutes later,A extended version of Datang car is driving,The car is parked by Feng Kun,Door opening,A graceful figure came out,Dressed in crimson woolen coat,Tail,Face-faced,Skin is like snow。
Phase is very beautiful。
Feng Kun saw this woman,The face is full of smiles。
Crimson woolen coat women see Feng Kun’s dressing,Not a taste in your heart,This woman is the ex-girlfriend of Feng Kun.。
“Greery,I really didn’t lie to you.。”Feng Kun smiled:“I will know when they come to you.。”
“If you dare to lie to me,Wait for it。”Mingyuan is cold and cold looks at Feng Kun。
“Soaked no one can lie to you,Greery,I made a decision,Really gambling。”Feng Kun said firmly:“I am not a gambling.,I really lost your face。”
Feng Kun, I will know that Lin Feng is the gambling of the world.。
A generation of gambling brothers,Actually, in a small place to lose such a miserable。
“I said that,You don’t quit gambling and I don’t matter.,I just came to see if you lie to me.。”Mingyuan still with a cold frost。
“cough,Ok。”Feng Kun laughed。
“Feng Shushi is in the hospital situation?”Ming Yuan suddenly asked。
“He was sick by my gas,I sent it to the hospital for rescue last night.,It’s okay now.。”Feng Kun’s delude。
I am deeply involved in my own gambling.,Father is also sick。
“How is your hand always shrunk inside the sleeve?”Ming Yuan stared at Feng Kun’s hand,I found that the hand of Feng Kun did not expose it.,It seems intentional hidden。
“fine,I was so anxious last night.,Fall into the ground。”Feng Kun doesn’t care, smile。

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