Various rare madness、Rare material,It’s simply let him have a flower.。

“Both is baby.……”He learns refining three months,Almost no day, no night,Natural recognition value。
Ore ore,There are hundreds of thousands of……And these eight people,Have their own collections。
Some rare ingots,It is not in Dao Baoge.。
“Cold iron ore,Can increase the power of water attributes and ice properties,It is the most main material for refining a double sequency axis。”
“This is……Lightning?
There is also a property of Gengjin……”“what?
This is a black crystal array,Can smelt in the junction,Amplifier。”
“this,Depend on,This will not be the legendary sky meteorite.,Maybe I can let me re-unify the snake knife……”“……”Summer grin,Happy tooth。
He is finally known,Why is so many people like robbery?。
The accumulation of others for a hundred years of doctors,I was grabbed by you.……Ratio,More than the refiner has to be fast。
Summer saw many spirits and demonics,Some recognition,Some can’t recognize it。
also,He is still in more than a dozen white porcelain bottles,Dan medicine found。
Just sucking a bite,Dan is exuded by Dan Medicine,It’s a refreshing。
All is baby!Summer classification,Save within the respected space。
Then sit on the ground start to calculate。
He has now more than 1 million yuan,It is still far away from one billion yuan.。
Those singularity,There are some unknown secret tornado,More than a dozen beasts that can’t see what the beast,You can return to the city after you can return to the city.。
This is definitely a lot of income。
As for those useful ore raw materials,He is ready to stay。
finally,Summer starting over a bunch of vessel books on the ground。
Can be collected by Ling Sea,There is always an extraordinary place。
really,The above records many secrets with whimsy,Everything is bright。
But for the summer,Shaped holy chicken。
His road to oneself,Clear planning。
Improve its strength as much as possible。
As for those secrets、Secret treasure、Array, etc.,Understand。
The so-called greed is not bad,People’s energy is limited。
Even learning refiners,Summer also believes that it takes too much time and energy。
It is really strong,Powerful,It doesn’t match him。
In fact, he truly carefully,Still those mystery。

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