All the way。

Summer with her back home,The first two went to Changan。
This also means,The relationship between the two is finally determined.。
Be right。
In Liu Qingqing,Even if she is with the summer so long?,She is also very hard to do a good wife.。
But she still can’t be happy.。
The competitiveness is too strong。
Su Xiaoxiao,Luo Qianjin,Qinling,Fairy……Everyone is very excellent。
She doesn’t think how much it will occupy.。
And her mentality is also constant.,Repeatedly low your own requirements。
Her today,Not much luxury,There is no courage to ask for the summer away from those women.……She is afraid that she will lose him。
She loves summer.,Love is even humble。
sometimes,She is similar to the summer in the emotion。
Maybe it will not be so warm,But it must be like water,Long flow。
Look at the appearance of Liu Qingqing excited,Summer eyes are revealed,Some can’t bear to sweep her。
But thinking for a long time,Still,“Old willow,I can only live in Chang’an.。”
Liu Qingqing is really wrong,Eyelid。
Summer road,“New Year’s New Year,Second back home,Elderly three burns,Memorial ancestors,So,I am preparing to give some elders.。”
Liu Qingqing suddenly suddenly,I have a little bit of understanding,“That should be,We are also such a custom here.,But more,Lesson three should not go out,Do not pay,Prevent violations。”
Summer laughing,Stretching Liu Qingqing,“Haha,We also have this statement,But my situation is somewhat special。”
“Um。” Liu Qingqing is squinting,The situation is on the summer shoulder,“I understand,Your comrades,And your master,Should look at them。”
Summer laughing,It’s just that the scorpion is deeply cold.。
First three,It’s a good day.。
AM 10 o’clock,Airplane landing on time。
The two stopped a taxi straight to the family.。
All the way。
Soon arrived at Lijia,And I saw Li’s father.。
Compared to the home house,Li Jia is really lively too much.。
Not only the father of Li。
There is also warm water、Li Po、Scenic mountain、Angry、Ten old people such as 湃,And their children,All gathered together。
Once,Wenshui has replaced the hands of the summer,I have rushed out of the back of the elderly.。
That is because。
After all, eight parties were clouded.,Many forces and people are in the summer,And Li Jia Old House became his only shelter.。
Be unable to,Can only expel these people。
After the crisis is released,Although the old people are still not returned,But today is the first two,It’s almost that you can.。

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