“This kind of small kid,He killed everyone,This ending,It is he to take care of it.!”

“This is of course,Then let’s talk to him so much nonsense.,Let’s take it.!”
With the people around you,You have said that I am talking here.。
These people have finished,More more agonism。
http://www.zbxfgc.cn This account,Now now,It’s time to calculate it.。
And in Shang Tian, watching the eyes,He is put a swing。
“temporary,Be unhappy。”
“My son is less,They now,It should be waiting for us early.。”
When Shang Tian Ce is said to export,This is an interest in the surrounding people.。
this matter,It looks like this,But since the other party dares to work,Then prove,They have already prepared。
If the trade is going,Involuntaries,Just worry that there is no more than the other party。
at this point,It is the most helplessly。
And Shang Tianzhi put his hand:“Now,Close the channels of our side,Give me the arrow。”
“By the time,I want them,Don’t want to escape one!”
When Shang Tian Ce is said to export,Those people around see this,It is deeply sucking。
But in these people to see business day policy,They http://www.meitebangong.cn can feel the kind of 之 语 语。
And they,I think so now.。
Even so,What is there??
This world of weak food,Who is more powerful,Whoever has more words。
Don’t want to be bullied,Only one way,That is to work hard。
In addition to this,There is no other law。
at this time,One of Tiancheng Mountain。
Xiang Ya looked at Shen Xuan,The face is full of worry。
“Little brother,Do you really have to do this??”
With Xin Ya finished,Shen Xuan’s weight。
“kindness,Be right,This is also my present,Must be done。”
“Currently,Deer tribe,猿 tribe and other forces have decided to rely on,So no one can threaten you.。”
“So now,This wolf tribe,I must go。”
after all,These big tribes are too arrogant,Already completely put the ethnic candidates in the eyes。
So Shen Xuan,I haven’t notified this matter.。
Because Shen Xuan knows,Even if he really said,The result is still the same。
at last,Still still reactive。
so now,Don’t say it,In fact, the result is the same。
In this case,So why do you want a white-handed tongue??
“But,What have you want to pass??”
“Here, I arrived at the wolf tribe headquarters,There is only one natural,I want to climb it from here.,Simply difficult!”
When Xin Ya said,Other tribes around you,Also nodded。
In fact, they,Never want to。

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