When the light column is betted in Maji,Her face has changed。

Not only her。
Sitting in Luo Tian,There is also a gloomy between the eyebrows.。
In fact。
They all know Simon。
But this kind of understanding,Another understanding。
Maji’s identity in the underground world,Has been mysterious。
Even in the world,In addition to a few high-rise,Some people have seen her real appearance。
Whether it is right or within,She only has one identity。
People’s agent,Kill God’s most trusted person——Blue enchanting!
Because in rumors,She has a blue long hair with blue eyes……Someone knows,The title of blue enchanture,It is also spread out in the world.。
Although Maji is sitting in the town of people in the http://www.fjmszx.cn world,But the trace is secret,Old people don’t know her true identity at all。
And people who know her in reality,I know that Harrison family has such a woman.,Very rebellious,Previse,Tour all the year round。
once in a while,Major will return to the family for two or three months.。
And sometimes out,It will also make it easy to build your own appearance.。
But just three years ago,She returns to their families every time.,The West Mon of the Loffa family will come to visit。
Even once a father with Maji, marriage。
Harrison family is willing to。
After all, the strength of the Lofffi is too powerful.。
Harrison family has been very beautiful,Now it can only be placed on the super family in torquered。
If you put it all the whole rice,And even the world,Really general。
Unfortunately,That http://www.honghaibo.cn time, Maji refused.,And don’t hesitate to leave home。
After a few years,As long as Maji returns a family,Simon.Loff is coming to visit,And invite Maji to participate in the semester。
Maji is as always rejected。
But Simon still does not give up,As if the battle is more and more。
This is also one of the reasons why Maji’s name is called in the circulation circle.。
Just she didn’t expect,I haven’t come back later.,Simon actually came out again.。
She looks to the opposite Luo Tian,“This guy is really annoying。”
“I know。”
Luo Tian smiled。
He also knows Simon。
Once,He was also went to Mammi to go to a few times.,Treat some tricky problems。
More than last year,British is a Clair family accounting Yunno,I want to marry her.。
Because of the emergence of summer,The guy called Simon also flew from the night.……It is also a notice in Luo Tianda。

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