“Mother agreed?”

Blue Xinyi,I feel like I asked an idiots.。
Mama is not allowed to marry Lu Hao Cheng immediately.。
Lu Hao nodded,Go forward,Turn around,His belly is black,The dark eyes are full of smiles,Mom hate can’t wait for him to take the blue blue?。
Of course, I hope they can have space alone.。
Blue Xin looked at Lu Hao Cheng’s back,Toldeen and safe,This Lu Hao,It is the type of her blue love.。
Cool,Awesome!When you are cold,so cold,Gentle,Dead person,It’s just a big president of the novel,It is also a big president in reality.。
http://www.dvjuwr.cn Blue Xin low,Give full play to your beautiful imagination,But one is not paying attention,Suddenly hit the back of Lu Hao Cheng, standing in the elevator。
“what”Blue Xin’s forehead,The whole person will retreat a few steps later.。
Lu Haochong turned,Hand of the hand, take her in her arms,Some disregarded her,This gimmick,Why use the head to hit him?
He bowed slightly,Looking at her a little panic look,He smiled slightly,A faint fragrance,Hover him,If there is no。
“fool,How do you walk so?,I will not take you away.,Have an accident。”
His okanol sounded on the shore of Blue House,I can’t listen to the pleasure。
woo woo woo woo!!Blue Xinyi,She can say,She is when she walks,Do you think that he wants to hit him??
Her nose,Great!I have seen a paragraph,Secretly like a person,But you don’t want to tell him,Every http://www.2812315.cn time I met him,I can’t help but want to see him.,He looks at himself,Also install the clouds and light winds。
She thinks it.,If you really like a person,When he stood in front of you,Should give the other party’s own minds。
But,What kind of mood is she now??
She also looks forward to a love that may always accompany her.。
Lu Haocheng looked at the girl,There is not much to say,Looking at the elevator,He took the girl in。
Lan Xin, quietly looked at him.,this moment,The bottom of my heart is full of words I want to say,But I can’t say it.。
This time,She and Lu Hao have lived in a roof.,sometimes,When he sat quietly a person,He is lonely like a fall of falling leaves in autumn。
But when the man is touched to her,It’s like a sunlight that I suddenly saw from the darkness.,The whole person is gentle。
Improved future,He is sincere and reluctant to wait for her.,When you are young, you will be dark.,Have been insisting。
These she understands,But it is, the more you understand,The more you feel the heart, you can’t help him.。
“Lu Hao Cheng。”
She shouted。
Lu Haozheng looked at her,“Blue,you say。”
Blue Xin thought about it,Say:“What is your ideal??”
Lu Haoheng slightly,“Blue,I didn’t tell you??”
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,“When http://www.qwoxki.cn did you say it?。”
Lu Haocheng laughed,The black scorpion looked quietly.:“Blue,My dream is you。”
“Forehead”Blue Xin!!This man is magic.,Still she is too charm.。
“Except this?”
actually,She wants to be in his ideal,See if you have helpful。

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