Li Daishi:overnight,going or not?

Zhou Zhiyi。
After a moment,He typing a reminder:I have to train tomorrow.。
Li Daishi:I know,Why?
Li Daishi:correct,I bought a sanitary napkin.,That kind of cheap,Super thick,Soft comfort,do you want,If you want, you will come to the cafeteria tomorrow. I will give you。
Li Daishi:I will tell you.,That yellow cloth adhesive is not better than sneakers,No, this is really no!
Depth:Chen Yang went to buy。
Li Daishi:Oh。
Li Daishi:overnight,going or not?
Depth:Do not go。
Li Daishi:Then I went.。
Zhouzhi trying to persuade,But Nan Ge said she only half a night.,Sleep half a night,She http://www.fuwangv.cndid this when she moved bricks in the construction site.。And mainly she has come to the king today.,As a bronze dog,She is now very urgent。
I will not say it.。
Not long,Chen Yang and Chang Xiaoxiang ran back。
With a laughter……
A slap in the door。
“Hey Hey~~”
“open to take a look!”
They hold the attitude of academic research,But from time to time,Liu Zhengming, who has always expressed in the shape, has also made it in the past.。And because Zhou has already lie on the bed.,They choose the splitting location at the side of the week.,And very intimate show to Zhou。
“How is this sticker?!”
“Say yes?!”
“Look at you!”Chang Xiaoxiang see the circumference of Zhou Zhi is not strong,I thought he didn’t see clearly.,Take the initiative to show him。
So he said:“You buy cheap,That kind of,More comfortable。”
Suddenly,The bedroom is quiet.。
Zhouzhi silence:“I listened to a friend.。”

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