He aimed at the eyes。

槐 is also the same dull expression,I also looked at him.。
“Got bad……Will it be。”
Zhouzhi will deliver a lollipop http://www.1016photostudio.cn to the little girl,Waiting for a young girl,Reach,He made a secret expression of the little girl whispered to the little girl.:“In fact, I can also see it.。I can see the kitten talking,See the strange things,But a special ability to have only genius children.,I will treat it as a secret in the future,Don’t tell others easily。”
“Eh?”Little girl is awkward。
“Don’t be afraid of them,They are not terrible,Right?”Zhou Sheng continued,And pointing the fingers,“You can try to be friends with them.,Of course you have to quietly。”
Boat,The captain is drinking。
The little girl’s parents bowed their heads to Zhouzhi Express thanks,Zhouzhi is only smiling,Not talk more——The current young parents have more knowledge than the previous parents.,I know how to communicate with my child.,This is the advancement of society。
http://www.natural-change.cn One-turn,Nan Ge and 槐 are oblique to him,Seeing that there are some bureaus。
So he panic。
“Give your brother’s sister say goodbye。”
“My brother’s goodbye。”
“Jingjing goodbye。”
“喵 喵~”
The group plays the slag cat,Leave Jingjing,Go back to the foot to hug。
Three people feet,I quickly came to the front side.。
Nan Ge is in the forefront,Throw the brunette sticks into the trash can,And take out the mobile phone self-portrait。
槐 跟 周 周。
There is no intention to blame him.,But I didn’t expect him to open the first.,A mouth is despise the tone:“Do you have any culture?,How can I open the refrigerator in an instant?、Take out the ice cream and close it??The refrigerator will be broken.!”
Iron boxing from science, I will slammed the Zhou.。
Nan Ge laughs in the front library。
after an http://www.sxshengshi.cn hour。
Nan Ge and Zhou Zhiyou walked to the center of the tree corridor,There is only one foot in the corridor.,Canada,Rope and rope network on both sides ensure safety,But no security。
Especially people walk on it, it is shaking。
Nan Ge has a rich water pipe、Take the experience of Waterway Television,She even deliberately swaying the corridor,Want to be afraid,Unfortunately, the expression of the left is very calm.,Let her some disappointment。
“Depth,Take a photo!”
“Zhou I also shot another。”序 in the back of the back,Comprehensively,“What pose I put??”
“The group is also!”
Tree crown corridor is not long,Main time is used in taking pictures。They did not take enough,But because there are people behind,They are embarrassed to let others wait for them,Although others are very good。
This is a one-way street,I can’t go back after it is.。
“What wild ok valley is fun than those!”
Nan Ge said,Looking up at the sun in the sky,Soon looking for Feng Shui Bao,Wild buzz,Take it in the 序 包.,Ambit。
Chicken rice and lemon ghost chicken、Lemon coolf powder is a staple food;

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