No one can describe this moment of rapid,If you transient, you usually cross the space.。

Go first until。
It is summer!Walking a day overnight,Most of the warries have been tired,Plus no danger,Many people have relaxed vigilance。
This is the habit of his many years.。
Unfamiliar and dangerous environment,Even if I relax,It is possible to pay the cost of death。
He has seen too many examples。
When the sky is running, the blood river is changing.,He is vigilant。
Those blood shadows rushed to different goals,He also jigs and is too long.。
“Hoe”Blood shadow hits the same。
Fangrui’s figure is broken……Broken is the residual。
Front,Summer is single-handed,Flavored flip,Leave a winding shadow in half air。
this moment,Everyone’s eyes are concentrated on their body。
Over the air in the air,All fall down,Only this figure,In an incredible gaze,Legs,Quickly run in the air,Leave a few 窜 chaos。
Finally, steadily falling over the stone pier in front.。
The blood after the air,Lasting,Continue。
Just when it is about to touch the blood sea,Suddenly, a bloody is general,Broken dissipation。
“Good speed!A good boy,Once again, let me see it.。”
The most square stone pier,Wantong’s eyes remain horrified,Connecting between the look。
Not just him,But all the martial arts that pays attention to this scene,It is also all stunned by the horror of summer.。
Just like transients are generally illusion,The naked eye is difficult to capture。
“Me……not dead?”
Fangrui has not reacted now。
Just now,He except for extreme desperation,A blank。
“rest assured,You are still dead yet。”
Summer smiles should be a sentence,Turned to the rear stone pier,Still caught in a sluggish cloud。
“What is it?,Jump over,Believe me!”
Mingchuan and Yunyang and other people have a chill。
Several teenagers are also decisive,Out of the absolute trust in the summer,Don’t hesitate to launch the body。
Everyone is watching。
call out——Bamboo!Yunyang is like accelerating in the air triodi,Successively,Faster,The blink of an eye is above the stone pier.。
During the period, there is no blood news attack.。
See this scene,The rest of the people also moved。

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