Heating in the house,Very warm,Xia Jian doesn’t care about him,So I got into the bathroom and took a hot bath,It’s really comfortable。

When he comes back to the room and is about to go to bed and then sleep beautifully,I found the sound of cars running on the road,He took a look at the watch on the bedside,My darling,Turns out it was almost seven o’clock。
If in the shop,Even if he sleeps a little http://www.lijibangbangji.cnlonger,It doesn’t matter,This is someone else’s home。No way,He has to get up,Don’t let others see him as someone who eats and drinks.,He has to leave now。
Xia Jian thought of this,I quickly got dressed,Turned off the lights in the room,Quietly downstairs。The whole living room is very quiet,It seems that their family is still sleeping。
Xia Jiangang opened the door of the living room,I saw Dong Xuanxuan holding his shoulders with both hands,Standing in the yard watching him smiling。
“What do you mean?Are you trying to sneak away??”Dong Xuanxuan asked with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled awkwardly and said:“Drank too much last night,I didn’t expect to sleep in your house。I’m going back now,There are still important things in Wuying Town today”
“Just blow it!The goods in the shop are almost finished,What can you do,It’s not parting one is night,I miss her?”Dong Xuanxuan raised his brow,Said a little displeased。
Xia Jian thought,Dong Xuanxuan is a policeman,Heart is very delicate,I think I have something,Is not working,He has to find a suitable reason,Otherwise you will be laughed at by this woman。
“Oh!Is such that,I want to find an internet cafe!Contact a friend”This is indeed what Xia Jian thought。
Dong Xuanxuan pretended to be angry, and Xia Jian said with a glance:“Did you say it earlier?I have a network cable in my room,Everything from computers,Don’t worry, I won’t overhear,You can completely lock the door”
Xia Jian thought there was a good reason for this,I didn’t expect people to have everything。While he was still in a daze,Dong Xuanxuan has come over,Took his arm and walked inside。
Dong Xuanxuan’s room is very big,There are a lot of things inside,There are a lot of fitness equipment,This thing is hard to find in ordinary people’http://www.lpfamily.cn s homes。
There is a good smell in the room,Especially Dong Xuanxuan’s thick bed,Xia Jian seemed to have an urge to rush to sleep beautifully。
Dong Xuanxuan turned on the computer on the desk,I inserted the video and microphone for Xia Jian,Then close all the windows tightly,That’s why I told Xia Jian:“You just go well!I will lock the door when I go out,This room has been soundproofed,No matter how loud your voice is,I can’t hear it outside”

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