even,Summer face flashes a very rare shock。

NS3439chapter Refining
Array of jade records,Quality is not high。
Only two products!However, this small two-piece array,Among them,Dear pole,It’s simply sighing。
Even if you are now in summer today,I also gave birth to a sigh of my heart.。
Changes in each node,Allelopathy,Evolution second to the peak,Even some concepts of summer。
Only tens of thousands of changes,Actually let him http://www.junhangshuangjin.cn have an unique feeling。
Declination process of each array,Both is a essence of the mountain。
Summer of summer today,Although it reached the peak,There are still some difficulties。
But with his performance and watch,Many have been unknown and murky,Actually solve,Call the cloud。
At the time of the time,Lin Dong has given him a set of books.。
Above,Is a six-series refiner master self-into a micro experience and process。
Summer is nothing,I often take it.。
But those who have experience and experience on summer,Not like this, this small two-piece array。
He is completely immersed in。
Just for a moment,It has risen to a very high height for the understanding of the front.。
I feel myself in summer.。
He quits jade simple,Low eyebrows,If you think about it。
Wang Qing and others are http://www.dsilearning.cn looking forward to。
“I can refine。”
Summer looked up,Alert,Look at the Dong Dongfeng,“First,I want to ask you one thing.。”
裴 东风 一 怔,I am a smile on my face.。
He does not hesitate,“Xia Master has something to do,But what I can do,Constant!”
Why do he inform the summer in advance??
That is to sell it well,Visit his four-character refiner’s identity。
In the future, you can cooperate with Dongfeng Danglun.。
To know,Great Shenpu mainland,Five hundred cities,Although there is a branch of Dongfeng Community,It doesn’t mean that there is only one firm.。
Dongfeng Dadong is not the biggest journal of the mainland of the Shenpu。
If a business can cooperate with refining practitioners above,Its appeal is definitely not other than other chambers.。
Just like the 30 arrows in the summer,Not only in http://www.chuauto.cn Dongpu City。
That time,I have already assigned a branch of each big city.,Buy。
Dongfeng Community has therefore a big trend,Charade。
Today, please help……This is returning his previous reminder.。
Summer refers to a star-made a star logo,“I want to ask, I will help me collect the jade shadow with this logo.,No matter how、Jade、Secret treasure,As long as there is this logo,I am expensive to replace it。”
This identification,Obviously the owner of the production of array。
Just like the summer refining jig,Will leave a black flame,Be airs‘trademark’。
Now he is the owner of this starry,A great interest。
The understanding of the other party,Node arrangement,Let the summer open your eyes,Sigh。

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