“Where are you learning??”

http://www.027liyi.cn “See the tutorial self-study。”
“This can also be self-study.?”
“Quite simple。”Zhou I want to think,“I just started self-study.,May want to learn a very high level,I still have to find a suitable master follow-up。”
“Then why don’t you find?”
“Don’t want to find……”
“Your person is too thin.……”Nan Gradon,“In our yard, there is a teacher of the teacher.,Good craft,In addition to wood carving, you will draw,There is also a reporter of Yantheng Volkswagen to interview him.,Do you want to check it??”
“Your yard?”
“right,You come to learn.。You have learned,I have time to learn with you.。”Nan Ge thought about it,“I will give you a meal.。”
Dining is obviously just the fantasy of Nan Ge。
What is the strict?,Not ancient reading。And now I can eat everywhere.。
Zhou I want to think,Ask:“Does the teacher http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn strict??”
“Tempered,Speak and gas,I didn’t see him when I was a child.。”Nange suddenly laughed,“When I just came back last month, I also chess with him.,I am going to have a shake,While using your mobile phone, I haha.……Later, he came to me again.,I am afraid that I will refuse it by him.,He is still regrettable.。It may also be uncomfortable。”
“Does he collect a apprentice??”
“do not know,You have to find him to learn,I will help you tell you.。Then help you dredge the relationship。”
Zhouzhi thought about it:“That’s trouble you.。”
“You don’t invest?”
“no need。”
“If you are embarrassed,I will abuse him tomorrow morning.,By the way, take a few photos to you。”
“Need not,I just started learning.,Even the entry is not。”Zhou felt that as long as it is a wooden carving, you can teach http://www.hecheng580.cnyourself.。
“Then you will wait for me.!”
“I am idle, I really will really come with you.,I am not bored at home.。”Nan Ge said suddenly remembered,“Oh!After a month, I have to go back to my hometown to help work.,I’m fishing for fishing lobster.?”
“Then I take you back to my hometown fishing crayfish!My hometown has a Takada,Dragonfish super more,It can’t finish every year!”
“this……”Zhou hesitate,“it’s not good?”
“What is bad?,I then brought it to Jiang Han.,Bring the stalk,Call two students,Not very normal.!”Nan Ge will give a hammer again and again.,“You are too thin.!”
“That is said!”
Nan Ge hands force,Jump from the stone platform,After landing, she turned and went to see:“Do you want me to follow you??”

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