“Lin Feng,You boldly!”

Sports ambitious roaring,He has skyrocketing on him,Full of the breath of destroying the earth,A turtle shell appeared on his face,This turtle shell carries horrible defense。
The loud sound sound is in the empty,Lin Feng, this slap is squatting on the turtle shell.,Turtle shell,The whole person is flying out by Lin Fengjia.。
Anger,Humble roaring sound,Big wolf,Kill?who is he?
He is the main hall of the Criminal Law,Repair,Hundreds of people have grown,Want wind,Rainful rain,Prestige,Dear than many people,But now I am smoked by a despicable man.。
“Oops,Hand tired!”Lin Feng smiled and touched his hand.,The heart is secretly admiring this tyranny。
This slap is on the face of the Niki.,It is estimated that the face of the fairy, will be exploded.,But pumping on the face of the Sports Wolf,The tyrant is just vomiting blood.。
“I let you die,You actually dare to puncture the penalty temple!”Sports roaring,Twiddle scarlet,The whole person is evil on the sky,The king of the world is rising。
Sports Directization For a huge turtle,Scarlet scorpion,Spitting the cold voice in your mouth。
“Oh,You use private penalty,Time is,Want to imprison the temple,Know the law,Sin, one, etc.!”Lin Feng faintly glanced:“Come,Let me see how your animal is cultivated。”
“Xuanwu anger!”
Sports wolf,The whole person carries boundless terrorist power,Flying high,Snourish from the sky,Helping the head of Lin Feng’s head。
“You don’t have to be,All right,I have to go out.。”Lin Feng carrying hands smiles。
He didn’t pay attention to this tyrant,It is straight to the exit.。
Lin Feng’s head came up from the roof,A chaotic air flow rises,Dry two nets,Lin Feng’s figure disappeared between the moment.。
“Where to http://www.art0393.cn go,Lin Feng,I want you to smash the corpse!”
Sports Wolf,Chase。
“A good boy,Really out,Don’t do things。”The figure of the Tang Diwang’s figure is coming out。
“The family needs such a person。”The knife is a happy smile:“Maybe he can really lead the family to glorious,This slap is good,Not a hit?”
“It is an attacker,But three days have arrived,It is said that the Sabboy is also said to be,Rest assured this small child calculation?。”Tang Xiu Shen smiled:“Let it go,We drink。”
“it is good,Calculate the pain of this magic fire。”Kao king laughs:“Maybe we can really go out。”
The figure of the two gradually disappeared,The Criminal Law Temple Zhongba Xiong Tian and Xiantian Sword is drinking,Suddenly there is a stone door on the left side of the main hall.,It is Lin Feng in it.。
“Lin Feng!”
Fairy sword。http://www.lixinhuwai.cn
“Lin Feng,Hello, big enough,Special escape from Tianlun,Sin, one, etc.!”熊 天大手 一 拍 台,Staring directly to Lin Feng Road。
“Three days have arrived,You are privornally,Evidence?Orthodont,You use my bribe of the Dragon’s crime to arrest me.,Evidence?”Lin Feng’s cold road:“Do you want to go to the Temple of Temple?!”
“Humph,You are not eligible to see the temple of the Temple.!”熊 天 冷 哼:“Ok you, Lin Feng,Evidence I didn’t,Three days,I can release you,However, you are now facing the allegations of the master of Gongde,From now on starting our investigation related evidence,Remnounce you three days!”

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