“So fast,Will it go??”Qingdao deer has not responded yet。

“let’s go,It’s time to give you a declaration of your mother.。”
“go!”Qingdao deer 一 tongue。
Blue dragon figure tears a batch,The clothes are flushing the wind, and I can see the movement of this dress.,She also practiced a lot of time.,Just a handsome camera。
“Then I will go up.!”Open“Women’s first person”declaration,Qingdao Loui is a windsting pace through the corridor,Pulf the door to the bureau,Black and white floor pattern seems to be chess。
The static stream is also pushed at the same time.,The sound of high heels seems to be ice cubes。
She is wearing a white dress with a performance,Skirt is like a white rose,Smooth white back exposed,Single from the momentum, it is not weaker than the other party。
The two people go to each other in the glitter of the stars,Queen’s sharp hit together,Like two dazzling meteors。
This is the privilege of the female player,Do not need to wear a dress,Just look good,When two strong and beautiful female players,The whole hall will certainly fall into a stage。
“Ah this year,Historical opponent!PrincessvsVast!real·Women’s first personvsWomen’s third person!”
this“real”Yesterday’s fans have just sealed,As a certificate of defeating the emperor again。
The holder of the three girls,Just have Qingdao deer in a constant,Well, Star, Kneeling every day,And the street is abroad,Their opponents are particularly rare,Also precious。
And the last level of this dragon,These three people actually gathered together,Sufficient to make this contest Yongheng。
“Your makeup,Very suitable for you.,Small princess。”The on-the-top static is worth a long time,Then spit a http://www.damingweinasi.cn playful syllable from your mouth.。
“you、Hello end,What do you pay attention to?!What makeup I want?,none of your business!”
“Yes,This makeup is what you want.,I thought it was a witch, but I didn’t want to help you.,Women’s first person,It turned out to be this taste.。”The street shakes the head。
“Pooh!Guess first,Guess!”Qingdao sang hand。
Corona looked at this scene,Can’t help but。
This is really,What is the meaning of watching the design of a child makeup before I want to marry?,But now it seems,Maybe it is really only in the pit.。
When the first chess pieces of the static flow have fallen,Kohong once again felt the strange feeling。
Unspeakablesanfear,It’s like a big fog on the sea.。
Since each opponent has this phenomenon,Then you can only explain that there is a problem with the Yinchuan。
It’s a http://www.339aabp.cn thrilling guess, the spirit of the spirit.
never mind,Don’t guess,Gramm。
Although I don’t know how the symbol of the Yinchuan, how should I be in Japanese elements?+The large frame of the dragon element and the gram family,But this person does have always emitted the unique mystery and creepy。
Not good,This person is a summary,Or gornes a faithful believer。
“Hey,How is your preparation for the Lord??”Bamboo knife。
“It’s almost ready.,I have done it.。”Corona。
“Yes,Where did you find it from his chess?,I ask the teacher to have to go.。”
“You don’t care about this.,I have special gates。”

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