“Not necessarily,You can come slowly。”

Wang Yuxin Zhengqi,“Since the Temple has this plan,No matter what program I have submitted,They will not pass。”
“This is also。”
Wang Yuxin wrist,There is a short sword in your hand.。
She put it over the table。
Take two things from the storage ring again,One is a jade,One is jade。
“This http://www.ruihejade.cn is……”Summer stunned,Pupil Hawran。
He grabs the short sword。
A pair of eyes and dead staring at the short sword……There is an extremely clear star emblem.。
He immediately grabbed the jade and jade characters,Also have a star emblem。
Wang Yuxin laughed softly,“舅 still outside,This is sent by sending people.,There are four pieces on the way。”
Summer is forcibly depressed in the heart,Award,I can’t wait to explore the idolism.。
Inside,It turned out to be a four-piece front!Although it is just a four-character array,But the concept and node inside the inner are too clever.。
Every node,Every change,I have gone to a hovering point.。
Not only smooth and concise,Power is comparable to the five-product array。
Summer thinking,He has compressed and concise in the array.。
But inside the array of compressed and http://www.uc-mall.cn concise,Bi Summer,Also smooth。
To know,Summer compression and concise,Is to ensure success rate,But also sacrificed a certain power。
And this sharp array,Although it is four products,Can be equipped,Not only don’t lower the power,And there is still an improvement。
Frontier,Whether it is a separate cloth,Or sword, etc.,The front of the sharp array is a mapping that must be arranged.。
Can improve the sharp level of the tool,achieve‘Unborn’Efficacy。
Siji Feng Rui, Yu Ji,Absolutely have the power of five-product array。
“wonderful,Too much,Good!”
He stood up,Can’t help but make loud,It is difficult to cover the look。
Summer believe,As long as you go deep into research,It will definitely make him feel infinite。
Wang Yixin’s eyes slightly flash,No trace changed the title,Say,“Can you help me refine a proprier or secret treasure?,Don’t have high quality,One product two products。”
What’s wrong?”
Wang Yixin is not hidden,“I bet with people,Who is the case or the secret treasure is the most dangerous,I lost,I want you to help。”
Wang Yixin Road,“In the temple of God,There are also many excellent women’s wins,Some good things are compared,Later, there were some monarchial lists.,For example, what is the top ten beautiful temples,Top ten war is the strongest female repair,The top ten status, the highest women, etc.。”

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