“The three cultivation is shocked,Unwavering is a blockbuster。”Yang god laughs:“You’re welcome,I just can’t see that some people don’t work hard.,If I lose,I directly put my face directly.,What is this like?”

The rumor between the romance, picking up his hand, shot, his face。
Just then came from the surprise,There is no sea color gloomy,livid,The eyes are dead and stare at the Yangthan:“let’s go,Yuan Magic Treasure is deep in the depths!”
His big sleeve between talking,A powerful airflow wraps all the masters of all the wilderness.,Then after turning and disappearing in the void。
“Brothers,No need to be with him,I just accompanied him to play.,But tell the truth, the spirit of the wilderness can’t afford to lose.。”Wuyi laughing。
“Yes,We all said,Not reason。”Yin is not awkward。
“Don’t say this,If you lose,It is estimated that they must be honored.,This time we have to work together when we go to the Magic Treasure.,I don’t ask for more,Just get more16%Enough,That16%You are holding it.,The rest of your point is comfortable。”Yang god laughs。
“Ha ha,When you are really,We will naturally don’t work soft.。”Yin,Nanming is unbeaten,Wu Zi Tian laughed and laughed.。
“Since this,We will leave。”Yang god turned and left a master.。
Yin,Nanming is unbeaten,The three strong people in Wu Zi Tian have a breath.,The thing is finally reported.,This adventure shaped the image of them to a new height。
Although the yin is not unable to shoot,But I also swayed a few times.,Let many of the creatures of the cold, feel that the yin is never in Wuyi。
“Congratulations on three leaders!”
“Congratulations http://www.sdcarcare.cn on three leaders!”
Many strong people in the cold, have gone fine,Many gods, including the prison domain, respectful,Those who don’t convinced that they have not embarrassed。
“Nanming water,This time you can serve?”Nanming is unbearable,Watching cold staring at Nanming。
“Unbeaten brother,I have served,Please don’t defeat brother wide。”Nan Ming water respectfully went up,He is intimate at this moment.。
To make this trouble to Nanming,Nanming is not only resolved,Also with this field,Establish no majesty,He can’t do this at all.,I can only accept the adverse of Nanming.。
“very good,Go down,The two people’s ants came over。”Nanming is unbeaten with hands,Looking forward from Lin Feng and Oriental Star Road。
Lin Feng and Dongfangxing respectfully left。
“You are stationed here,We need to http://www.hhrservice.cn practice a secret。”Nanming is unbeaten,Yin,Wu Zi Tian looked at the masters of the cold.。
“Yes!”The great powers of the cold in the cold, he won the honor.。
Now Lin Feng,Nanming is unbeaten,Yin,Wu Zokian,Oriental star has walked to the depths of the Yuan Magic Building,Get a deep place,Desert,Nanming is unbeaten directly to take a porta。
The pagoda is out of air,The figure of the five people walk into it.,A mysterious power spreads from Lin Feng’s wrist,I will be isolated from other regions.。
“See the owner,Please forgive me。”Nanming is unbeaten,Wu Zokian,Yin does not have a single knee to give Lin Fengquan。
“Don’t be polite,You do this this time.,Finally achieved leaders in their respective families,However, if it is exposed,I am afraid there will be variables.。”Lin Feng wrote his hands and looked at the three http://www.huoyan778.cn people.。
His secret control,Convert all attacks through the hand of fate,Disperse to other strong people who send blood to him,Even some of him also suffer a part of the attack。
This is also the reason why it is not afraid of the use of ruling three or not.,It is also an important reason for the shortcomings of the sea.。
This is the mystery of Lin Feng’s initial opening of the hand of the fate.,The strong in this hand,Even if an attack is attacked,He can spread this attack to other members through the hand of fate.。
Of course there is also a limitations,Specifically, Lin Feng has not grown out.。
“Ha ha,Master God,You can be these humble ants to imagine。”Nanming does not defeat Haha laughing。
“good,This time, all of the owner。”Yin and Wu Zi Tian have laughed,They have a painful happy Lin Lin,It’s awkward in front of the many strong people in Sanzhou.。
“Thank you。”Eastern Star also respectfully riding the gift。
“Not,You can rest assured that there is no sea,I will flatten it for you.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Besides,Nanming is unbeaten,Yin,Wu Zokian,You must also work hard to practice。”
“Yes!”Three people respectfully。
“How do you deal with it??”Lin Feng looked at Nanming.。
“Naturally let him send a blood loss to the owner。”Nanming is unattainable:“I observe the owner’s magic,more,In the future, we will suffer from attacks.,The more power is dispersed。”
“good,And you can also put a piece of chess for the owner.。”Yin non-swoker:“Especially this time to compete for Yuan Magic Treasure,Benefits。”

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