Chaotic magic,He is kicked by him to kick the blood sea ablation。

Consumed people,All eyes are hot and look at this scene。
Greedy and coveted,Continuous swallowing。
Some repairers stared at the eyes,I can’t blink。
“6,600 chaotic demon”Some people whispering,Can’t say envy,I can’t get rush to grab four people.。
Qing Xuan three people are also extremely ecstatic,Pour all chaotic demon,Hot eyes in summer。
Summer straightforward,“You are three hundred and fifty-oriented diaphragm per person.,Chen Ting fifty time,Everyone has no opinion.。”
Qing Xuan three of course has no opinion,There will be no pain,Be considered unfair。
They all know,Summer is indispensable。
And they tried,Others can replace it。
Important,Their array is still created in summer,Can get a 150th moment,It is already a big surprise.。
“what,no,do not want”Chen Ting is a player,Ei Dao,“I did not do anything,Can’t want so much,Too much”She and Yin Tenfeng have only lended five tits in summer.,Now but still two hundred days。
What is stopping ten times?。
Summer laughing,“This is what you deserve,after all,At the time,Only your brothers and sisters are willing to believe me.。”
Unpaid,Distribution of Dae。
One hundred and fifty scale per person,Chen Ting fifty scale,And he left two hundred and eighty scale。
The distance has been paying attention to the people here,More envious。
I know so much early in the summer.,Why didn’t I believe him?。
Xue Dongwei and several mystery guards in the population,Intestines,I can’t wait to smoke my two slaps。
Summer second time coming out,The ardent look is deliberately stayed in them.。
However, it is sarcasm and disdain.。
Xue Dongfang is not going to see the summer,It seems that I don’t know this person.。
“summer,Is it a problem?。”
Qing Xuan thought of a possibility,Concern。
At the time,They are all obviously perceived,Summer is not exhausted,But he proposed to retreat to repair。
His reminder,Li Chonghe Yin Tianfeng also focused on。
Summer nice head,“I have no arrow.。”
“No arrow?”

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