Backward,He is busy engaged in research,Busy equipment orders,I haven’t had a chance to come over.。

Today he signed a big single,Very good profit,I also bought birthday gifts for Nono.。
For those who like to like,How hard,He feels worth it.,Because Nono has grown up。
妤 妤 妤 曜 曜 吃 吃 吃 吃,It seems that I didn’t take care of her emotions.。
Her mood is very low,It’s a man who doesn’t understand the style.,No wonder there is no girlfriend now。
She is suffering from eating.。
“咚”Huo Jingjing’s mobile phone rang,He pushed the silver frame glasses on the rhinus.,Elegant,See the news from Ousuo,His convinced face overflows gentle smile。
Brother,Where are you,Going home from work?
Our family came to Jiangyou Hotel to eat。
Huo Jingyi:Clever,Nono,I have dinner in the Jiangyan Hotel.。
Ou Yurn:Brother,Where are you,I came out to see you.,My dad is in,I can’t come out too long.。
Huo Jing is laughing,Nono grew up,I know that I am afraid of parents.。
Huo Jingyi:Nono,I know where you are,I am looking for you.。
Ou Yurn:good!Ou Yurn secretly looked at the father who was feeding my sister.,I also looked at the mother who chatted with my brother.,抿 抿,Say:“dad,I am going out.,I will come back for a while.。”
European,Lift,Out of the face of Junyi reveals a favor,See your daughter,“Nono,Whereast?”
Ou Yuri knows that Dad has too much protection on the three women in the house.,I have to go home at 9:00 in the evening.。
She is not against the tube built like Dad,After all, it is for her safety.,And she is not a people who play。
Dad loves their family,Her sweet laughs laugh,“dad,Go to the bathroom。”
Ou Jing nodded,Continue to feed the little daughter。
Ning Feifei looked at the little face of her daughter,The root is not like going to the bathroom.,That is simple, I’m written on your face.?
“Nono,I will go home for a while.,come back quickly。”
“understood,mother,I will go to the bathroom.。”
Ouyor is fast to run out。
Ou Wei has undertaken,I feel that my sister is like falling.。 He looked at the father’s eyes and smiled.,Tonight he has been taking care of the sister who is not eating too much.,I have no effort to pay attention to him.。
His cat is going slowly。
I didn’t expect to hear the sound of cold sinking when I just got a few steps.:“European,where are you going?
Give me back,Sit down,Back business management。”
Europe is allowed to get angry and turned back,Why is he so hard?。
What corporate management?
Little auspicious is still leisurely,Xiao Lele also travels around him.?
What corporate management is?
But he still sits back.,Chat with little auspicious。
Huo Jingjing glanced at the mobile phone,Ouya has come out,He only looked at it.:“Miss Miss,I will be going out for awhile,You have no problem.?”
妤 妤 妤 妤 话,Mood is even more uncomfortable:“Don’t you send me back to the hotel??”
Huo Jingjing smiled:“deliver,I will come back in a few minutes.。”

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