But in half a year ago,She will never contact Zhang Luo Yan.。

at the very beginning,She is not concerned,Over time,The home will know a rumor。
It is said that Zhang Luo Yan was killed by people.,Killed together,There are also two of the land wind and Xu Yun.。
After listening to this news,Zhang Shi Yun is out of color.,Also refuse to believe。
She drives home to find and explore the fall of Zhang Luo Yan.。
However, in halfway,The house slaves and she is not prepared to take advantage of one,All is full of jings.。
Until then,Zhang Shiyun is really afraid of。
A woman,Strength is not strong,No http://www.qwoxki.cn family elders are on the side,In this place,Will there be a good end?。
But it is also a good luck.,Several times,They are scared by her intensity.。
Soon, I have encountered the proliferation of the prescription to make Gu Jian.,Also barely calculate one of the friends of Zhang Luo Yan。
This is only to come here.。
Old four,How did you come?”
The wind that has never dared to leave immediately greeted,即 张 目 目 目 目 目 目 张,Full of aggressive。
His good color,See the first eye of the woman,I will think of not going out。
“She is Zhang Luo Yan’s daughter Zhang Shiyun。”
Gu Jian picks the eyebrows,“Fengkun,Collapse you shouldn’t have anything,Others are afraid of you,I am not afraid of you.。”
Feng Kun,“Zhang Luo Yan’s daughter,heard about it,Princess,cough……Old four,Who do you http://www.puhuisl.cn take me the wind?,My wind is working, bright,How to force other women?”
Gu Jian didn’t pick this,Say,“Zhang Luo Yan is missing,Before disappearance,Someone saw him with the old eight、Old nine together,But I heard rumors,Said that they have been destroyed by people.……”Take a look,Also,“I gathered tens of thousands of people here.,Do you have it to see them??”
Zhang Shi Yun is also poor[00 ]Pawn。
Fengkun frown,“Old eight and old nine are also missing?”
Say,He took out the message,I’m exploring。
Gu Jiji is a surrounding environment,Brow,“Three months ago,I know what the situation is,I heard that the owner came.,So I didn’t come over,Why haven’t I haven’t been there?……Uh!”
He suddenly saw the mood of Du Wei in the banned inner knee.。
Feng Kun did not respond,After a dozen,Recovery,Shake your head,“It seems that the old eight nine ovary is out of death.,Ah,Also old six,There are also a long time to contact it.。”
He grinned,“I have already said.,Don’t do it and selfish on weekdays,It is now destroyed and no wonder others.。”
The nine major palm of the palm of the hand is not a piece of iron plate.。
Have your own forces and hills,In Yuncheng,It will also fight in private.。
Just one of his words,Zhang Shi Yun’s face is white,Body shake。
“impossible,My father will not die,he,There are two teachers,They are so strong……”“cut。”
Feng Kun once again,“Yuncheng has more than they strong.,Just, such as the kid inside the ban,At least there is a fight against God, you dare to believe,Even the main owner did not grab him。”
Gu Jianwu,“What is going on??”
http://www.xjinsuo.cn Feng Kun has not concealed,I have said it once.。
Treat him to finish,Gu Jianhe Zhang Shiyun stunned。
Especially Zhang Shi Yun,Belt,A smart hate is sprayed,Deadly staring at the milky white ban in the valley。

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