Before being burned by Hanjiang,Also in the ground of the ground, green is covered,Vine began to violate the constant,Don’t rely on big trees to grow up,Composition of a barrier in the front of Qi Lai。

Come to the Luolian of Yishi Deli to be angry,Inner sigh,Point your own long sword to the sky。
Ark of Ark Plans for Afolded Moth is outward,Even other parallel worlds,In order to leave the last fire of human beings。
Luolian is a deep place to go to the starry sky。
Also traveling to the depths of the stars, there are other alien races,There are also races of other parallel worlds.。
The long sword in Luolian,Is the same as God’s key,It is the key to the creature of other civilization.,is called“Key。”
In this case, the other has appeared once in the earth.,Have a father who was killed by Ji,Is a race named after candy name。
The ability of the 念 兮 兮 手 手 手 手 能,Auxiliary,Can help teammates enhance their various power,Very wonderful。
Fu Lai Deer experienced this force,The vines in front of them have another power source.,Get more rough,More unsightly。
There is only any action after Hanjiang comes to Qi Deier.,It seems that he is very stunned.。
Hanjiang’s means only attack,The self-policy means is about not。
The only strong is the body transformed by super fusion drugs.,If the hard anti-explosion,Han Jiang may still have a sigh of relief。
But Chardre and Luolian,It will become a slag。
Lu Lu is just a look at Hanjiang,Even if you don’t have to let Hanjiang use some means,Three mutually surrounded collapse can collide together,exploded。
The earth is like a calm lake, and a grenade is thrown.,Countless sandstone soave as fry like water,The base of the mushroom cloud has appeared。
Impact wave begins to spread to four weeks,The first shot of the dust is blocked by the vine,Next is the energy storm in the sea clad of the quantum, it is also rushing over the energy.。
Vine began to work hard to make green oil,Yan Shi Der almost watched another power in the black launch,Full force to transport energy for this barrier。
If you just protect them, you will naturally don’t have to do so.,But this explosion trend should be put on,The second line of the forty-kilometer second line,There may be a lot of death injury。
Don’t say these female Wushen,The storm city will blow huge hurricane,Bringing the end of the country in the city。
First break,Is the gain energy of Luolu。
The means of Luolu is scattered by the energy impact,She has been anti-alive,A blood spit out。
Han Jiang took a rocker arm,I can’t wait for her reaction,Han Jiang pulled Luolian to turn half a circle,The body is thrown up.。
Luolian is a master like this,It is impossible to arm armor without lag and flight.。
Han Jiang’s strength is not small,After a second, the body of Luolu has been thrown away from 100 meters away.。
“Don’t forget our agreement,Inverse entropy should explore the scene in the first time,I hope you can abide by!”
Luolian is flying in the distance with Hanjiang’s voice,Her gain is broken,Continue to stay, there is no use。
Now I am still sticking to it.,As for Hanjiang……
It seems that there is no matter on the surface,Can only stare at the face of Yanlan,Looks with a civilized color wolf almost。
But now Han Jiang is looking for a slight stable as asked from chaotic space.。
Nearby world bubbles are dead,Can’t help with such a huge explosion energy,Even if you escape, you have to blow it.。
Unimaged space,Quantum sea,The real world is opened.。
The first thing is the first“die”Quantum shadow of world bubbles and quantum sea,Then it is an imaginary space。
The virtual space is the space connected to the law,It is also turned on now.。
All legal power,People who have the core of the law or the law feel that the changes should be changed。
“Is this the strength of the moth of the previous era?”Sign up within the space of the law,Several people are even more awkward。
A fire moth is capable of sealing the tissue of the moon in most power,Every remaining ruins will shock the organizational organization。
Disrupted,But some respects need this generation to catch a little。

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