“what,Want to hit me??”

Blue Xin made seven on the breath of the breath of him.,I am very uneasy in my heart.,Looking at him with a face。
Where is Lu Hao become hit her??
He has only a kind of intimate touch with her.。
Lu Haochong became more and more profound,Lips her lips,Warning in her ear:“In the rest of the rest,I http://www.seatonhouse.cn don’t want to hear these two words.,Otherwise I will let you don’t have bed in three days.。”
His words are very calm,But with a threat to people。
Blue Xin is unhappy:“In addition to this way,Don’t you use other ways??”
Lu Haocheng said with a warning:“can not,This is the only way to make your longji.,I don’t want to hear these two words later.。”
Blue Xin is still in a hurry,The red lips are blocked.……A night without sleep,Blue Xin was tossed by Lu Haocheng.。
Blue Xin once again woke up again, it was four o’clock in the afternoon.。
She is moving a painful body。
“hiss……”Sure enough, it is punished,Double more than ever。
Blue Xinyu,I can’t wait to kick Lu Hao into the cloud.。
Obviously his fault,How to become her fault,Why should she accept such punishment??
Blue Xin looked around,I am actually not Lu Hao Cheng.。
Humming!This bastard is running.。
She also left home,Let him alone。
Blue Xin took a shower and left home。
After going out, I got on the car.,Take out the phone and see,There are a few happy calls,She talked with her for a while with WeChat.,Le Yu is relieved。
After asking Le Zhenng’s ward,She shuts down the phone。
“Ink,Lu Hao Cheng wants you to ask where I am?,Don’t tell him。”
“it is good,Miss。
”Ink is still laughing。
Blue Xin nodded,This baby is angry,Then shut down and get off at the hospital.。
Dream is transferred to the orthopedic hospital department,Her feet http://www.art0393.cn fractures,Received a few days。
Ward in the fifth floor503—4bed,YesVIPSenior ward,Le Yu is specially arranged,Blue Xinyou,Le Zhenxi fell asleep on the lounge chair on the side.。
Dream soft side lying,Just face to face,Blue Xin found a dream soft to see Lao Xi。
Her feelings are extremely good,Red lips overflow shallow smile,The eyes are shallow affection,Penders。
Surprising in the ward,Blue Xin stands at the door,Suddenly I can’t bear to bother this warm scene。
She laughed,Also gently retreat to the outside walkway sitting,I am going to wait for the Xi to wake up.。
Blue Xin gently put things on the walkway,Then open the phone again,Brush small video。
Somewhere in a dark room。
Lu Hao Cheng,European,Muzi,Su Sei Ming,Lin Ye,Six big men sitting on the couch,Sitting on the ground on the ground,It is Yuetian。
Yu http://www.lamamai.cn Tiangxin was taken here last night.,I have been still being here.。
Yu Tiangxin looked at handsome Lu Haozheng,At this time is the sharpness of the sharpness。
He sat down,Then, the character of my line is as familiar.。
Since this evening, it was taken here.,She has been very afraid,I don’t know what Lu Haocheng will do for her.。
But Su Seiming has come,Su Sei Ming is very stupid,It’s close to them,She uses Su Seiming’s stupid。
“Ah Cheng,Really misunderstanding,Do you believe me??”

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