Xiao Yun and poor strange,Han Jiang made a timing,Instantly rush to one person。

I put Xiao Yun together,Just ran in the mountains。
“Korean big brother!”Xiao Yun was surprised to call a sound。
Hanjiang stuffy head“Don’t take so much,Run again!”
Previous battle,It seems that the river has suffered a lot of attacks.,But some are all already blocked by body,Hanjiang’s own injury does not have multiple。
Han Jiang’s speed is not very fast,But good in his body,Flexible action。
Deep mountain,Too much trees everywhere。
Poor defective caught two http://www.lyhtp.cn people,Walescent efforts。
Turkey,A fireball,The trees in a zone have to fall。
The two people escape,Xiao Yun is still constantly controlling water to attack poor。
Han Rong continues to carry snake skin,Hiding fireballs and lightning。
“Korean big brother,You put it down.,I am going to kill it.!”
“you are silly,You can kill it?”
Han Jiang is impossible to let Xiao Yun go and poor,Tong, Xiao Yun, is a run.。
Dams in the mountains,After ten minutes later,Han Jiang found a cave,With Xiao Yun, I went in.。
After the two ran into the cave,The huge body is limited to the poor entry,Can only be constantly destroying the construction of the mountain。
Thanks to the mountain hole,Han Jiang runs all the way all the way,When you are going to the bottom of the cave,It’s stable.,But it is also obvious that the vibration occurs.。
“rest assured,This large fierce beast revenge,I will run for a while.。”Han Jiang’s Shamian。
The collapse of this era can only make the beast variant,Did not throw away the wild and habits,Need to take food。
Unlike the collapse of future http://www.xjinsuo.cn generations,Basically mature body,Direct absorption of collapse is enough,Killing human destroying cities is just instinctive。
“Waiting for this to play,hungry,It will go to find food yourself.,How much do we have two meat?,Not enough for his tooth。”Han Jiang swearing。
After all, all the way from Zhangzhou,Many collapse,Han Jiang is quite believed on his judgment。
I heard Han River said so.,Xiao Yun is restored,Pretty face is also red:“Then you put me down.!”
The previous intenses made Hanjiang forgot that he has always been in Xiao Yun.,It’s okay now, two people are embarrassed.。
Bulk paint in the cave,Han Jiang uses fire attribute collapses to make the state village are sending a fire nearby environment。
There are hay everywhere in the cave.,The small animals living inside have long, don’t know where to run.,So unusual Ansui,Can only hear the breathing of Hanjiang and Xiao Yun。
“It’s true,Will not destroy again??”Xiao Yun is still a bit unreliable。
Han Jiang shook his head,“It should not be,It is costly that it cost is its body.,Beast except for the necessary survival,Generally, I will have something to do with things.。”
I haven’t spoken yet.,The two men came back on their heads.,The cave posted by the stone wall began to drop the soil。
“this”Xiao Yun looked at Hanjiang,How do you start to destroy the mountain again?。
Han Jiang did not explain so much,Use the best knife in the village as a shovel,Constantly digging pit on the cave。
“Let’s help together,If you have the mountains, you have to be buried.!”Han Jiang took the time。
Xiao Yun can’t understand Hanjiang’s operation,Isn’t it just right??
But still use water to help Hanjiang dig into the cave,Once the size of two people,Han Jiang stopped。
Han Jiang also doesn’t want to do this,It’s so fast that you can face it.,The outside of the poor and hit the sketch,It seems that they don’t kill them.。
“Come in!”Hanjiang diamonds in went in and said to Xiao Yun。
The cave is collapsed.,He two may be buried directly.。
But with this small pit,Most of the landslide will leave a little space。

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