Big brother is caught,She has not told my mother。

European:“Let’s go to the hotel.。”
Ning Feifei listened to this,I saw it around you.,Determine no one around him said,“European,What did you say?
Hurry up。”
European laughs:“I am serious。”
Ning Feifei face,Talk, some bad,“you,Your bad guy。”
She is crying,Turn and go home。
Ou Jing, look at the back of the fall,Some slice,Is this charm??
He is indeed serious。
Ning Feifei back to the room,Open the window and look down,Seeing Ou Jing, still in the same place,Dim light,He promoted his posture。
Ningfi Philippine low channel:“Why don’t you go??”
Ou Jing, looked at her,Laugh,“Good night。”
Take it to leave。
Ning Feifei helpless,Looking at him, I will receive my attention.,Sleeping,Mother’s voice,She also didn’t pay attention。
Early next morning。
Mu Qing did after breakfast,I went to the hospital to see Lu Sisi with Yi Tianqi.。
Blue Xinman watching children at home。
Four children play on the lake,Be happy。
Blue 梓 俊 回 头 一,Last night he didn’t sleep overnight.,today,I will give Gu An’an a big surprise.。
Blue Xin’s mobile phone suddenly rang。
Blue Xin pick up the phone and watch it.,It is called Gu An’an.,She kills her face,Pocardly,“Hey!
Gu Anan:“Blue Xin,Let’s see it.。”
Blue Xin voice is surprisingly calm:“I am afraid that I can see you can’t help you.。”
Gu Anan:“You won’t do that,You are not like me,I have no hanging,You have three children,And love your father and mother,elder brother,There is also a husband who loves you.,But is your husband really abroad??
I just tried to dialed his phone.,I found that his call is in a state that cannot be turned on.。”
Gu Ai’an is full of threats and ridicule.。
Blue Xin is so cold,“Gu Anan,You are in our own still?
Don’t be so much,Soon, you will be self-sufficient.。”
Gu Anan:“Haha, what do you say?,Self-friendly fruit??
Don’t I wait??”
Gu Ai’an language is very arrogant。
Blue Xin:“A Cheng is not studying abroad,Only we know,How did you know,He is not studying abroad.?”
Gu An An,Obviously silent for a while。
“Blue Xin,Remember what I said before I said before??”
Blue Xin micro-mobile phone,Open the recording:“Remember,You let me die,Otherwise, you will make people around me a one.,Grandmother,Big brother is going,Big Brother is still in a big trip,But I believe that he can come out soon.,I will come out for three days.。
Are you not challenged me??
Then I will let you know,The consequence is that you can’t afford it.。”
Blue Xin deliberately irritated Gu Ai’an,As long as there is a little evidence, she will not let go.。

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