Just just this way,Really think,Can you threaten Shen Xuan??

So much thinking,Totally impossible。
Shen Xuan’s side,Huang Yue learned about this,Whole person’s face,Grunge is scary。
“Humph,I see you,Who dares!”
Huang Yue said,On the side of the eye。
obviously,This thing is for Huang Yue,Still should be handled。
Huang Yue’s side,Warrior of other war temple,When you look at this scene。
Also,Don’t forget it here。
“makes sense,So now we,I still need to delay so much.。”
“Anyway, now I have already met,There is no good entanglement.,Despite relying on horse。”
“Yes,Who dares to move our leader,You can try it although you can try it.!”
This,As you have, these people have not forgotten to speak on your eyes.。
no doubt,Such a thing,For others,How should I deal with?。
In fact, these,It is even more exclusive.。
As for Shen Xuan,When you are in front http://www.ydxlxhg.cn of you,It is the expression of very light.。
“You all the gathers,Whether it is true,To start with me?”
Shen Xuan’s words,Say,It is quite directly。
This,It is the Yuan Feiren and others in front of Shen Xuan.,What’s more, the more you think it is a bit.。
what happened,Is this,What else is it??
Do not,This is absolutely impossible。
In Yuan Feiren look,Other things,It’s nothing to say it it all.。
Since it has been confirmed now,What else is there??
Yuan Feiren put his hand,The performance is very direct。
“In this case,That’s directly!”
Finish,People around the majority,All bite tooth,Take over time,Start with Shen Xuan。
Shen Xuan’s side,God of War,All all the enemy。
But only Shen Xuan,His whole person is very calm。
After all, this thing is,In fact, in Shen Xuan,Inversely, it is the root,I http://www.jiehuncheng.cn don’t think what will it bring?。
“Is this only??”
Shen Xuan’s sight movement slightly,The next conscious look at the eyes,Don’t you ask。
With Shen Xuan’s words,This is a brush to brush it.。
For all this,In fact, everyone’s heart,It’s not so clear.。

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