I heard that he really likes the land of Jianghai half mountain.,Is it bidding now??”

The housekeeper thinks about it.,This project is somewhat familiar,Where did I hear it??
“correct,Chairman,I think of it.,Now the biggest standard,Very likely to be Xu,He has worked with the lady of the Lu’s Group,The pot is full of money,I heard that this two will continue to cooperate.,Take it is also this project,I heard that cooperation has been cooperated.。”
“Ha ha……”Li Tingby is a few times,“This woman,Be very powerful,Don’t learn other women,Instead, I want to break out a world.,To say this real estate,The most terrible or Yida Group,Yi Tianqi, president of Yida Group,But the legend of the real estate,Financial resources do not lose this Lejia。”
“But this is easy to be native and low-key,Know that he is less。”
“I heard that I have adopted a righteous woman a few years ago.,Many people in this world are looking for this kind of righteous,Can still arouse a silk flower,No one knows who is the righteous girl??”
“His assets have long been planned,Part of the feedback society,One part of his daughter inherited。”
Wang managed home is envious,Some people may not afford a house for a lifetime.,And Yi Tianqi’s life is really great.。
“Chairman,That is easy to say, I have also developed in the development of two cities and Fan City.,It is……”“have no idea?”
Li Tingyuan shook his head,“No one knows his whereabouts,I went back to Jiang.,I sent someone to find him.,Unfortunately, I didn’t find it.。”
“He is not in the river.,What is important is that we can’t move his big tree.,Don’t waste energy。”
“I see,Chairman,I will negotiate with Li Jia.。”
Wang managed home。
“Um!This thing is going to do,There is another thing,My daughter who didn’t make it wanted to marry Gu Jia.,No,But there is no agreement,I want to marry my daughter can’t do it.,Give me back。”
Li Tingyuan is full of,Daughter of Ri Tingyuan,Valued value must be married。
Wang managed home turned away。
Li Tingyuan looked at the back of the king,Another sound:“Wang managed home,You are an old age.,To guard against arrogance,This matter?
Need a fine water,Be too urgent,Will only properly。”
Wang managed home footsteps,Nodded。
The next day Lu Hao Cheng Company is nothing,After breakfast,Take Blue Xin to Linyi God to do hair。
Blue Xin takes six hours of time to do hair,Lu Haocheng let Lin Zhen look like Lan Xin,Did you see Song Ni。
Song Nex has been treated overnight,The whole person is much better.,Also mentally。
See Lu Hao Cheng,Song Niki,Safe, laughter,“Continental,For your woman,It’s going to chase.。”
Lu Haocheng watched her coldly,Lin Ye moved a stool to sit down to Lu Haocheng。
Lu Haozheng is elegant,Dead is lazy and a bit of killing。
“Miss Song,I heard http://www.sasann.cn that the king gapser at Ri Chairman is your sister.?”
Song Ni,He actually knows。
“so what?”
Song Niki does not know what medicine sold in Lu Haoge gourd。
“not so good?
I heard that your father is a teacher.,And the school in the school investment in our land,I want your father to be unemployed,I am a word.。”
“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t move my father,People who provoke you are me。”
Song Niu is anxious,Dad and mother are innocent,They are tough for her to college,She can’t let Mom and Dad see her.。
NS1827chapter After all, I regret it.

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