The sound of the brightest Buddha is coming up.。

Dado peak is golden,It’s like a golden mountain.,The figure of the white eyebrows came out,Foot and foot have nine old people,This nine old man is full of breath。
One person headed by Herone is a hollow master。
“Amitabha!”The hollow master looks at the mirroads of the black golden lotus:“I don’t know why the Oriental’s Lord is here.?”
“Small monk,Our Oriental Lord is good, it is the master of teaching.。”Sadda bow:“Come visiting your mountain gate,Don’t you welcome it??”
“Amitabha,Of course,Otherwise, Xiaoyu will not lead all the members of the Tamoto to meet the Eastern Cantos.。”Hands laugh。
“Ha ha,Small monk,You will talk,Since it is welcome,Why not open the mountain gate,Withwate your 18th Luohan。”Sadda bow heard a laughter。
Eighteen Luohan!
It is a big array of Xiaolhang Mountain Town。
I don’t know how many horrified masses of the throne are so lost.,Among them, there are some peerless devilies.。
The ancient and modern masters are also glory with the 18th Luohan in the Shandong Mountain.。
Some masters want to be famous,Then come to the small room mountain,Once you have successful,That must be famous in the world,Visionary。
So even if you want to teach people,I don’t dare to hurt this 18th Luohan。
According to legend, the 18th Luohan’s 18th Luohan is the Dadozu Master.,Overtard of the eighteen festival,Then it becomes the same as the zombie,Then, in this mouse peak, this array is placed.。
The hollow master got high Xuannan:“Good and good,Shao Mountain Welcome to the world,However, the director of the Oriental Corients,I am afraid I have an open room of 18 Luohan,Cannot pass,Not small,But the array,Xiaoyuu is shallow,But can’t change this method。”
“Oh,Eighteen Luohan,I don’t know how much power is there today??”Not waiting for Sadda,The cold sound of the ice is from the mouth of this orientation.。
Her figure is strolling。
She is on the magical,Body with a breath of the world,The heavens in the hand,The terrible breath swept from her body。
“Amitabha,The Lord of Oriental will know。”The hollow master got high Xuannan:“Amitabha,Bitter sea,Back is the shore。”
Just when his voice was just falling.。
A sound of swords。
The Tianmark Sword is born!
Trims of swords and lights,All the figures of the hollow masters and the nine old monk are all in it.。
A bright Buddha sounded,The sound of the top ten masters of the small room mountain sounds in the empty,They are brilliant,These golden rays directly condensed a huge“swastika”Character,Golden“swastika”Lord directly guarded around them。
This golden“swastika”Power is big。
Herone is the Buddha Dynasty。
Shao Mountain is more than just mastering the 18th Luohan,There is also this Victoria Dynasty。
In the Buddhist system,Martial arts,Shao Mountain is the most horrible,The ancestors of the Shaoshan Mountain, Dadozu Master pioneered Shaolin Seventy-two God.,It is more written out of the Jiuyang.,Therefore, the interaction of Shaoshan Mountain is ranked first in Huaxia.。

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