what’s the situation?

This reward,Unusual,It seems nothing。
Not long,Shen Xuan’s hands,More than a crime concerning Wang Minghai。
And Shen Xuan,It is about to look at it.。
http://www.ksgede.cn Wang Minghai,Wangjia high-level。
Is under the Wang family,Wang Jiazhi’s puzzle。
Now the Wang family is in harmony.,Most of the king’s things,I will definitely fall in Wang Minghai’s body.。
Solving the Wang family with a little bit of way,It is better to control Wang Minghai.,A little bit of putting the king’s industry into your own。
“Leader,We just saw it.,Wang family is arrested,We want to steady,Also in the face of other people。”
“Otherwise, we have now packed up now.,Solve the people of other kings?”
The soldiers of these War Temple said,Let Shen Xuan almost scare a hop。
These Warriors,Do you really don’t know??
Tolerance just got too far,As a result, they are now going to discuss the Wangjia Ministry.,Solve the people of the Wang family?
“fine,No need to trouble,I have a better solution。”
http://www.haiwaijiu.cn Shen Xuan’s words,Let these warriors of these Wards each other。
They look at Shenxuan,A face curious。
Shen Xuan is what you want to do,Why let them,Suddenly, I feel that some can’t understand.。
But Shen Xuan,When the crimes about Wang Minghai are taken to everyone。
These people’s hearts,For this matter,It has already been probably understood。
“did not expect,The head collar actually has a sin of Wang Minghai.。”
“Yes,If this message is published,At that time, Wang Minghai will die.。”
“But I look at the purpose of the head,In fact, I still have to find a little bit of controlling the king.,After all, Wang Jia is now,Strength is unweound。”
These Warriors,I started to say that I have to pick up the king family.,In fact, it is also helpless.。
If you can,They also want to control the king。
But compared to control,They are more good at destroying。
And Shen Xuan,It is put a swing:“Don’t worry,Looking back to give this news to Wang Minghai。”
“I think,He will know,What should I do next?。”
With Shen Xuan finished,The http://www.qkwng.cn war horse around the side is even more。
They will arrange it right away,As for Wang Minghai how,Can only wait for the time being。
at the same time,Wangjia Division。
Wang Minghai closed his eyes。
The news of the Wang family,How can he not know?。
But everyone below is there.,Let Wang Minghai are inconsistent。
“Give me a mouth,Are you a noisy??”
Wang Minghai is a bit of powerful,I shouted at this。
This time,Others have paid down,View Wang Minghai。
In fact, this move in Wang Minghai,But let them do not expect it at all。
This,Everyone is quiet.。
“The owner is arrested,I am also very sad for this matter.。”

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