She stands far from him.。

Lu Shiran is very casual,White sweater,Black straight pants,White shoes,Very daily casual match,Just like college students who have just running,Handsome and charm。
Lu Qiran:“Don’t know me?”
子 感 自己 自己 心 心 被 自己 自己 纯 纯 纯 纯 纯 纯 了 了,At this time, I still laughed in front of him.。
“Isn’t this Lu Shaoye hoped??”
Lu Lanran:“”It is indeed his hope,But why is his heart so uncomfortable??
Lu Lanran:“I didn’t know that you were in seven years ago.。”
He doesn’t say this is okay.,Say this,The blindness is so embarrassing,She is tightly standing in place。
So,Doesn’t he apologize to her??
Course,Next moment,Lu Yuli’s words,Let her have a heartbroken breath。
“But when you design,You haven’t forgotten this thing.?”
Lu Lan looked at her straight,There is no smile on her pale face.,Some is just boundless pain。
He huh, he huh, huh.,The person who is hurt is him in that year.,Why are she now put this pending abyss?。
Rate,Don’t she apologize??
“So,In your heart,Haven’t you asked why I appear in your room?,Is it thinking that I design??”
When you ask this time,I didn’t dare to look at Lu Ran’s eyes,She doesn’t dare to see,I am afraid that I have guess it.,She will become more distressed in the future。
Lu Yuli,Indeed,It happened very much in the past.,At that time, he just became 18 years old.,He is still small,I don’t want to have anyone.。
He is very panic,It is also very scared,He has never filed anyone,I haven’t been pursued afterwards.。
The days are so dull for seven years.,Every night,He still thinks about that night.,Every time I recalled,He is more angry in his heart.。
Anger is designed。
He has a cleansing about love,He hopes that both parties are the first time.。
But he is not,I haven’t talked about love in these years.。
His expectations for love stop in the night of seven years ago。
“Huh”子 冷 着 他 着 他 着,Tears are full of water,She smiled very brilliantly.,“Lu Lanran,I thought that I have been in the past seven years.,You will become mature,I didn’t expect you to be as naive as before.,My age,Can not be dirty,I admit,Those years, I am going to die.,Indeed because I like it。”
“But I also have my own principles.,Never asked people that I like to do what he is not willing to do.,I didn’t design you that night.。”
“I am too stupid,Know you back,Know your birthday,Running the horse without stopping,I want to give you a birthday”In fact, that night,She wants to go to the confession。
Unfortunately,She is mistaken,It was already 12 o’clock in the morning when I arrived in Jiang.。
She didn’t catch up with the banquet of Lu Yuliu.。
So she is very sad that night.,Very sad。
Because they all have adulthood,You can fall in love,She can be white in the words of the favorite people.,That day, she is the most exciting day of her life.,Thinking of she wants to go to the table,At the end, she was touched by themselves.。
She missed it.,I can only go to the hotel,I am very hard along the way.。
But to the hotel door,She suddenly saw Lu Yuliu,She is bright in front of her eyes,I feel that God is still kind to her.。

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