Blue Xinyi,Some disregarded him。

Lu Hao refers to her white sugar in her.,“Blue,You are doing red three,You want to eat sweet?”
His tone is sinking,Worried with a dismissal,She rarely is not serious。
She doesn’t work like this,It is very dangerous to do things in the kitchen。
Blue Xin is another glimpse,What happened to what she just thought??
Use sugar as salt。
I haven’t put it in.。
Lu Haocheng took her sugar in her hand,Shut down the fire,Holding her hand out the kitchen。
“Blue,You sit with a rest,I am going to do dinner.。”
His voice is very gentle,With a calm charm。
Lan Xin nodded,Her state is indeed very good。
“Thanks a lot。”
Lu Haozheng looked at her:“We are couples,I don’t want to hear you say such a guest.。”
Blue Xin laughs:“got used to。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“……”Tie up。
“Blue,Your habits are for outsiders,Not me。
We are couples,You can spoilers in my arms,You can also give me temper,We are the closest people,You are in front of me,Do not disguise yourself。”
His hands gently hold her shoulders,These words,I don’t know how much I said.,She occasionally can’t remember。
Blue Xin looked at him,His handsome is worried,Eye eyebrows reveals your love for her。
She has some guilt,Should not take things on the home to home。
“Ah Cheng,Sorry,I am really not very good today.。
Not because the design is stolen,Anyway, I am very emotional.。”
She can’t say any reason.,In short, it is emotional low.。
She may be too tired.。
Lu Haocheng helpless sigh,Kiss her forehead down,“wait for me,Soon, just fine。”
“it is good!”
Blue Xin laughs。
Lu Hao is not assured,It’s a big hug.。
Men is familiar with and warm hugs make her feel a lot.。
Tremella for a while,Lu Haocheng went to the kitchen to prepare dinner。
Blue Xinye,Don’t want to move,Lazy sitting on the sofa,Waiting Lu Haozheng。
She takes out her mobile phone to give time,Open,Push the news。
Miss Zhu and famous designerskayBe big in the banquet。

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