Nan Ge coughs two times,I thought about it.:“correct,Let your little flower master with you,By the way, you can also give you some knowledge you want.。”

“Oh oh。”
“Occasionally, I will visit you and two deputy society.,I will give you a meal at the meal.,You get along well。”Nan Ge is head,“Encounter ordinary people,Just find some reason to send them,Only Tomanian。Something is in the group,We are lying in the bedroom.。”
“Crash,Make a meal”
Nan Ge first picked up chopsticks first,And unscrew the wine,Preparing for meal,Waiting for the waiter to bring the dish。
after an hour。
Nang Ge, who has been drinking a large half of the white wine, has moved to the side of the Siri Master.,Trinity to the three words:“Now is a university,New school new city,No one knows you,If you want to say goodbye to the past、Be a new one,It is the best time now。
“If you don’t catch this time,Waiting for a semester,University classmates are familiar with you before,Cognitive to your cognition,That opportunity is wasted.。Your university will be the same as before,Will not have much change。
“Have changed,Right now。”
I have already said it well.,Zhouzhi is also silently listening,Several children have nodded,I feel very reasonable,But said,Nan Ge is more and more:
“Walking on the waist,Be bigger,Talking, there is a bottom gas
“If someone provokes you,Slag men wrapped you,Some people bulge you is hard to,let me tell you,Do not hesitate,Going up is 揍。Anyway, you are Tianshi,Even if you don’t learn spells,Physical quality is also much stronger than ordinary people,Not afraid of playing。
“And you are still my probabilistic member,As long as you occupy,Rest assured,I am worried about my seniors.。
“Can’t lose my probabilistic face。
“Ugh,Unfortunately, your military training is over.,Otherwise I will definitely recommend that one of you will fight the instructor.,Thus,Keep the whole classmate,Such as”
“Cough!”Can’t help it,“Don’t teach bad children.!”
“嘿嘿 嘿”
Nan Ge has twisted his head,Laughter。
Next day。
The three children who entered school under the leadership of small flowers.,Start a day of business。
Their image is therefore no、序 and 哥 出 出,Probability agency is really inchepping,Come to consult、The person who applies to add groups is less than yesterday.80above。A small number is also because I saw the probability agency’s recruiting poster at the door of the cafeteria or sports field.,I feel very high,Match your own extraordinary yourself,I decided to try it.。
The little flower is in the same day.,Reject a few people,Let them take three turns to pick up the guest,Also exercise them。
In no people bottle,The little flower is whispering to the Science Tianshi、Monster and Tianshi’s knowledge,Several people also listen to Tianjin taste,Don’t feel the time。
Day on the top,After another noon。
Today’s sun is better than yesterday.,Although there is a tent,But after the sun is oblique,Tent is not used,The sun that is obliquely taken by the corner of the table,Only instantly, let’s take the above registration table.,Then gradually invade them。
They have to move their tables,Looking for shadow。
Four people became five people。
Five people became six people。
There are two people wearing an empty duck cap far away from the past.,A man and a woman,Both tall,High value,Ice milk tea。
Milk tea put it on the table。
Nan Ge is aiming for more than two people,A male and a woman,No fading,Dress up and high school students,She grinned:
Xiaohua quickly stood up,Introduce the road:“This is our president,Be a president。”
“Good president。”

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