Martial arts,Generally, it is only solved in the left hand.,Too much number,It is on the square between the Daxiong Temple and the King Temple.。

So-called banned female guests,Do not include Fangyuan、Until the mountain gate,This room of Buddhist temple,Usually men and women incense come to the fragrance,It’s just that the place where the monks live.,Waitang can’t enter,Buddhist temple after the party、There is also a living room, you can’t enter.。
certainly,Sincerely touch a master,Allowing it alone is another problem。
In addition, the Nansang’s Tibetan Basic Pavilion,Also in the mountain。
Chu Deirers all the way from the Temple,Go to the Qianfo Hall,During the post, I passed the party.,It’s still special to get around the road to see the temple.,I still went to see it.,What do you do in Zhaotang?,No surprise any monk,Also to hold back to add some lard……
At this time, Shaolin has temporarily sealed the mountain.,In the Tauce Conference、Before the butcher chief,Will not receive pilgrim。
Anyway, it is a big dog.,Field industry under the temple name,Can catch up with three five dog officials,It’s nothing to do with sesame oil for two months.。
Therefore, the temple is very quiet.,Wu Yi’s self-calling martial arts,Overall,Dolly Lion Conference after a month,There is no panic atmosphere to bring too much panic to the South Shaolin.。
During the period, the Chu Deiren even went to the Fangzhiyuan.,Looked in the myscougent,Looking for a handwriting that he left in her early last year……
pity,Today’s Xuanci has“Okay”,Early old madwriting,All have been collected,Outside the word painting,It’s all kind and compassionate。
I looked at the old friends in the Dharma.……
At this time, the master of the Darheater,Basically, work hard,Take such a circle,Chu Deirers’ strength of Shaolin,There is basically。
Many masters!
Although I haven’t seen the sweeping、Didn’t see any master that is a peerless,Even the first-class top masters are then three or four,In addition to Xuanci,One of them is still a proceedings,It should be a deep martial arts from Buddha.,True hand,It should not be so strong。
The other two are Dada Eardians……Not the first mystery,It seems that it should be a hard work.、Laoguo。
Xuanci people say volts Rohan,The hills who were nicknamed by Qingliang Temple,However, the Chu Deirers see clearly,This old kid hides,Its itself is more in the mountains.,External work……Take the bottom of Shaolin,It is impossible to be a clear temple.!
Only see the first-class master,This lineup is strong,But it is difficult to say to be a black wood cliff.——Do not count the Oriental teacher,Ten elders in black wood cliff、Four、Left and right……Enemy。
However, Shaolin’s advantage is,Second-class master——That is“Mason”Yue unrequench、Lower Mingjiao Wuzi、The level of comparative dishes in the whole seven。
This level of monk,Chu Deiren saw three or forty,Most famous fames“Seems like”。
To say that it is completely alusive,It is not,More than half a year ago、Twenty years ago、Yeah,Come out to walk through the rivers and lakes,However, it is quite strange to the March.,Because I haven’t come out too long。
This is also the characteristics of Shaolin Gaozheng,After going down the mountain experience,Just like the returning river,Contract in the temple,No one knows their martial arts,How high is there today?。
Second stream,In the rivers and lakes,It is also a master,Like the Welfare Dart Office,It is already a matter of adding to this level.。
Usual school、Most of the top ten wicked people、And even the first seat of Shaolin usually walk outside,Basically。
If it is a tall lion meeting,Plus the customs disciple of helping boxing、Next to the door,Little one hundred can be saved。
I want to use the way to the Lushan School、Squeeze,Domain,I am afraid that it is a little possibility。
In addition, there is a threat,Is a group of hard work……
I really want to play,Three people cooperate、Three three-person cooperation、Two sets of three three people cooperation,Layer stacked,I really want to fall in.。
certainly,For Chu Deirers,The array is not worth the role.。
Ming Yudai insights weaknesses、Qiankun has no extreme merits,It is not difficult to break。
And now, I can’t make a chaos.,Shaolin also can’t take a lineup of hundreds of people,It is not easy to make a hundred zero eight orchaen.。

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