“Shut up,Say you, you will,You are not awkward,Did not tremble!”

Liao Wenjie,Shengxian sword is another burst,at the same time,There are two cracks.。
Short dialogue,Liao Wenjie front space collapsed,Dark wrapped star,Instantaneous moment,Swallowing the place。
Hell king walks out from the starlight,The eye nest of the pulley is over,It may be that the magical god will make him see unpleasant memories.,Evil is cold, like ice,Purple eye kills。
“What look,Have the front of thisw……”
Hell king body flashes,Move forward across,In the moment of Liao Wenjie,A punch smashing the evil sword,Fists http://www.rosefamily.cn more than,I’m hitting his face.。
In one way,Stop Liao Wenjie’s broken mouth,I will turn back if I haven’t finished.。
A red light,Through the vacuum tunnel,Carrying the waves visible to the naked eye,Put a seat mountain peak,Roll open dust,Rolling。
The hell king has no expression in the same place.,Left hand five fingers,Smash star,Put the figure of Liao Wenjie,Then the right hand,Bombing。
I saw him a shock.,Peripheral space 波 fluctuate,Surface water wave under the foot,Ground,Numerous blocks of gravel were carried out by hurricane,Flour。
Liao Wenjie flew again,I don’t know how far fell.,How much mountain peak is smashed,Only the water drift is like a fall and stop.。
“This punch can be hurt.……”
Liao Wenjie scattered,Start with a slightly swollen cheeks,Shaking your head to dissipate your dizziness,Looking for the direction of the hell king。
Far from,Hell King repeatedly taught Liao Wenjie’s skin thick,I know that I don’t go all out.,This battle did not end。
Now,He does not hesitate,Purple eye evolution star river,Ingesting one hundred and eight gold,Slowness。
No purple giant height three feet,Strong and strong,Extreme masculine beauty,Headband,Tumbling,Long-haired horn starts。
Two golden earrings wearing first,This is a two full moon knife,Hold each hand in his hands。
Behind,Starlight Tianhe Dark,Form a round of powerful,Shenwei is more prosperous。
Hell king·Joyful!
Purple double,It seems like a round http://www.discussky.cn of hearing,Sweeping,Spilled perish spread toward the entire hell,Found,All things,Space grilled pleats。
“No way,This bad guy actually has a good fortune?”
Liao Wenjie has seen a double glory,Early, bad things, also have merits,He didn’t do a gentleman at the beginning.。
Hell king,Bang landing in Liao Wenje,Give:“I am the king of hell,Palm,Have a row,Heaven and earth,Merit,Why should I have merits??”
“Ah this year……”
Liao Wenjie wondered,Be there,He can’t confut,I can only envy and hate the gold 轱 轱,Heart beep。
Merit,Nothing,He also has。
System there,The evaluation of his merit is good from the beginning.,Can now,This evaluation is just an evaluation,Good merits have never reflected specific effects。
A family thinking,Liao Wenjie balanced,Will convey the will,Let http://www.jurenpx.cn people feel,Up to one minute,Self-explosion is also at all,He wants to see all energy recovery。
Completed,Liao Wenjie exposes people of livestock:“Hell teacher,Your merit is a big circle.,What is the specific use??”

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