One time,I am busy。

Mu Ziyou looked at the missed call on the phone,Very embarrassment。
Depends on people,I have to see myself under people.,He is now looking at yourself.。
This is not even a call.。
Mu Ziyi has some don’t want to reflect on yourself.。
Go to find your wife to seek comfort。
He is now in mind,Work hard to cherish the unfair,More to cherish your own。
I cried very wronged last night.,He hurts him。
He discovered,Marriage is not just married is so simple,More important to operate marriage。
In marriage,Women are more likely to feel uneasy。
He didn’t sleep overnight last night.?
………Tonight is the Lu Group andA.LDays of the company signed。
Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin have prepared,Your Courier and Qing Dynasty,Go to Chen Yu Hotel and Eli。
At the entrance of Chen Yu Hotel,Blue Xin just get off,A black shadow appeared in front of her。
She still can’t see each other,Hand is pulled。
“Lady,I’mE.DGroup’s Chu,Our company is sincerely working with the Group,Lady,Can you give us a chance??”
Chu Yao dress up,I will wait Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin in the morning.。
Lu Haocheng cares about Blue Xin,As long as the blue deliberation,Lu Haocheng will not refuse,She now puts all the hopes in Blue Xin.。
Blue Xin:“……”She turned to see Lu Hao Cheng, who is underway.。
Lu Hao became overcast。
A hand of Chu,Gloomy and low:“Don’t touch my lady。”
Chu Hao is some fearful to see Lu Hao Cheng,Also, the courage is talking to Blue Xin.:“Lady,Our company can do the biggest profit,3rd floors and first floor showcase,Can give the Luke Group。”
Blue Xin looked at her urgently,What do you think about it?,In fact, she hates people who bring private feelings into work.。
You will never know what your partners think.?
Especially when the other party is seeking,Flower my mind is not as good as the heart of work.。
The mind of this Chu is not working.,But in the arm。
What day she said,She is alive。
“Miss Chu’s mind is on my husband,Not on this contract,I have always wanted to work with your company.,But Miss Chu has been dragging not to sign a contract.,Our Lu Group is not like youE.DGroup is so huge,Can’t afford!”
“And my husband has decided toA.LGroup cooperation,sorry,Miss Chu。”
Blue Xin elegant guest set of her。
Lu Haocheng held her to the hotel。
Chu wants to catch up,But I was blocked by the right game.。
NS1853chapter Let their nest
“Excuse me,Miss Chu,We still have something。”The opportunity to talk to Chu Yu without giving Chu,And Qing。

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